Quantitative Critique Nursing Paper

Quantitative Critique Nursing Paper

This assignment will consist of a quantitative article critique with a focus on the methods, statistics, analysis and interpretation. It will be important to analyze and evaluate the article not just summarize – for example it is not enough to say the sample size was adequate. You should state the sample size and state why you know it was adequate. Do NOT cut/paste from the article- this is YOUR interpretation and analysis of the article. If you use Polit or another source to substantiate your comment, then reference the source. Do not include quotes in the critique.
***Write your critique directly into the rubric. Do not do it in paragraph form.
The article critique is titled: Self-efficacy and Knowledge of Nurse Practitioners to Prevent Pediatric Obesity
** Use form appendix pdf to evaluate critique
I will also attach a sample critique with the article ** Surgical Patient Satisfaction as an Outcome of Nurses’ Caring Behaviors: A Descriiptive and Correlational Study in Six European Countries** for reference only

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