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The Response paper is brief, consisting of two paragraphs.Total length should be approximately one (1) to one and a half (1.5) pages total. IT SHOULD NOT EXCEED 1.5 PAGESParagraph one should be your summary of your feelings of the piece that you are writing about and paragraph two should be your argument with supportingevidence. “Supporting evidence” refers to specific examples from classroom lectures and/or videos of shows that you may be writing about.Follow these five instructions. Keep in mind that the grading rubric includes the criteria called “Organization” which means “…following the providedguidelines.”1) Put the following information in the upper left-hand corner of the first pageNameTheatre Class [for example, THEA241-010]
Question #Email Address2) Give your RP an interesting title. This is the place to be creative in an attempt to draw the reader into your text. The title should be centered above the firstparagraph.3) You will respond according to the following template, numbering both sections:Section 1. Summarize your personal and general experience with the readings, performance, or concept involved in your chosen question (How did it makeyou feel? Did you agree or disagree with its ideas, characters, styles, or qualities? Did it resonate with anything in your personal life? Was it difficult or easy toexperience and why?). Feel free to use an informal writing style and first person. [125-150 words]
Section 2. Provide an argument (i.e. convince the reader of your answer) in response to your selected question in one paragraph using the following writingstructure. The degree to which you are successful in following these guidelines will be reflected in your grade.Thesis sentence —the “thesis statement” of your paragraph or what you intend to prove, including all of the pertinent information that may be involved inanswering the question (like the play or performance involved, your key terms, and your assertion regarding the question).Lead-in sentence(s) —one or two sentences that establishes the context for the evidence you provide.Evidence sentence(s) —the specific example or examples from the class experience or performance that best helps you answer the question.Analysis and Conclusion —this is the longest part of the paragraph, explaining what the evidence means and how it applies to your assertion and otheraspects of the question.Use a formal writing style, and do your best to avoid first person. [1 paragraph -250-300 words]
4) You have only a small amount of space so express each of your ideas succinctly. In other words, be direct and get to the point. Using vague, generallanguage to express an idea weakens a paper.* Every time you use the title of a play, like Romeo and Juliet, it should be italicized or underlined.* Grammar and punctuation matter. Re-read and review your paper before submitting. Many mistakes, especially spelling, could easily be avoided by usingspell check.* Use action verbs.* Vary sentence structure and length.* Make your margins 1 inch on all sides and double space your text.5) You will submit your RP as a Word or PDF attachment on Canvas on or before the due date and time before the assignment closes. DO NOT SUBMIT YOURPAPER FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE.We will be unable to open it.QuestionsChoose one of the following questions:Question 1—Queuing Up in the Waiting Line: Looking at the classical and antiquity periods, are there any connections that you see anywhere in the productionof Hamilton.Question 2—It’s all Greek to Me: Choose a concept discussed or presented in class regarding Greek theatre and, explaining its context, show how thatconcept still holds true for theatre or entertainment today.Question 3—A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: Choose a concept discussed or presented in class regarding Roman theatre and, explainingits context, show how that concept still holds true for theatre or entertainment today.GradingThe RPs will be graded on how well you follow the instructions, the quality of your evidence, the quality of your writing, and the strength of your assertions. Itwill be graded out of 30 points. See the RP Rubric in the Files page for more details.

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