Introduction to Financial Accounting 1 Course Code: ACCT121

Department of Business Administration
Semester 431
Assignment 2
Course Name: Introduction to Financial Accounting 1
Course Code: ACCT121
Section No:
Student ID Student Name

Ms. Raghad Al-Otaibi
Ms. Amal BinMobrad

Cover Page
Assignment 2 Instructions:
This is a group assignment of 5 – 6 members in each group. You need to do your search on SAP ERP systems focusing on one module of your selection and prepare a report that should include the following requirements:
1. Introduction (Define/ explain SAP ERP): You will explain the system factually with appropriate definitions and explanations.
2. Functional Modules: you will explain SAP functional modules with a focus on the features and activates involved in the selected 1 module from the following list:
• SD (Sales and Distribution)
• FI (Financial Accounting)
• CO (Controlling)
• HCM (Human Capital Management)
• PS (Project Management)
• EAM (Enterprise Assets Management)
• WM (Warehouse Management)

3. Advantages: You will explain the advantages of using such modules and how it
will improve the company’s business processes.
1. It is a group assignment, 5 – 6 students in each group.
Students are not supposed to meet in person. They should work together remotely using means like: Google Drive, Black Board, and emails.
2. Complete all the above requirements.
3. Submit a soft copy of the report along with the attached cover page through blackboard on Sunday – Week 13
4. Make sure that there is a proper formatting of report:
• Font Style: Times New Roman
• Font Size: 12
• Margins: Normal
• Line Spacing: 1.5
5. At least 3 relevant academic references are expected (use APA style)
6. The report should not exceed 5 pages.
7. Ensure originality! Plagiarism is not allowed. Assignment will be rejected for any Plagiarized paragraph.

8. Marks are allocated according by using the following Grading Rubrics:
No Student ID Introduction
Modules Explanations Advantages
Submission Formatting References

2 1 2 1 1 7

• Please consider that your group will be the same as assignment 1.

__ Good Luck__

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