Companies on Personal Data Collection

Write a 10 page research argument essay that synthesizes logical argumentation with research that includes a variety of credible voices.
My topic is on Companies on Personal Data Collection. Write the paper arguing that companies should only be allowed to collect personal data to improve
the customer experience. Companies should not be allowed to share or sell personal data for any reason because it is immoral and unethical. One reason it
is unethical is because it is a breach of privacy that all humans have. Another reason it is unethical is because governments/businesses can use it for
malicious reasons. One example is how China used personal data from a Muslim app to track Muslims in their country, and sent them to concentration
camps. The counterarguments are that companies can use personal data to help the human population, like using data for contact tracing of covid-19, and
finding the hotspots of covid-19. Another counterargument is that business can use it to help improve their business model and sales.
Support your essay with a synthesis of logic and research, including a variety of sources. I have provided the sources you need to use to this order.
Address counterargument.
Choose and integrate source material effectively.
Your ideas and words should be close to 80% of the paper. The other 20% will be the quoted, summarized, and paraphrased excerpts of source material.The post Companies on Personal Data Collection first appeared on homework crew.

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