The intelligence community (IC) & The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)

Background: DHS identifies 16 critical infrastructure sectors. Protecting America’s critical infrastructure and key assets is a formidable national security
challenge and requires more than just resources. The intelligence community (IC) has a very important role in protecting critical infrastructure by providing
timely intelligence collection and relevant analysis and reporting. The IC provides essential threat warning, situational awareness; and with effective and
timely collection can gain access to our adversaries’ intentions and capabilities.
Question: As part of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) describe the shared responsibilities of DHS and the IC in producing indications and
warning, facilitating intelligence and information sharing, and make recommendations to improve processes for disseminating threat data collection and
analysis to state and local government and private industry.
Required: Post a substantive initial response to the discussion question. Your posts must be based on factual academic information (not personal opinion)
supported with citations to at least two (2) academic references in addition to the course materials. This is to demonstrate that you read and understood the
assigned readings and all prior postings by the instructor and other students. Please use the correct APA format in citing any source material you use. Refer
to the APA Manual link posted in the Discussion area.The post The intelligence community (IC) & The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) first appeared on homework crew.

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