Active Directory Password and Audit Policies

Active Directory Password and Audit Policies


ACME Widgets has about 900 users and about 1000 computers in all 3 divisions, including U.S. and offshore facilities. Please review the Project 3 background information for more details about current Active Directory OU design.

You are hired as a consultant to ACME Widgets. The IT management would like to organize Active Directory to ensure AD security, but also make it easier to manage. For this discussion address the following questions:

  1. What are the Password Policies that you may want to implement for users in each of the ACME Widgets Domains? Explain and justify your suggestions.
  2. Should the Domain Administrators of the respective domains be subject to the same password polices as the rest of the users in that domain?
  3. Should the same password policy apply to the division managers?
  4. Explain and justify your answer.
  5. What Audit Policies would you consider implementing for each division of ACME Widgets Company?
  6. Would you audit logons? What auditing policy would you chose “Audit Logon Events” or “Audit Account Logon Events”? Would you choose to audit Success or Failure or Both? Explain your reasons.
  7. What Audit Policies would apply to specific objects (users, groups, computers, printers, shares, etc.)? Make sure to include the type of audit (Success, Failure, or Both). Explain your reasons.
  8. What specific organizations units or individual groups would you make subject to each Audit Policy?
  9. Explain and justify your suggestions.

Be sure to support your statements and conclusions with valid research. External references are required (personal experience is not a replacement for external references). Post the URLs to the sources used in your research.

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