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Generational differences can be a source of conflict in the workplace. At least four generations will be in the workplace simultaneously. Each generation carries with it its own unique life experiences and has its own distinct personalities and characteristics. These differences have sometimes contributed to both conflict in the workplace, as well as opportunities.Read the report, Managing an Intergenerational Workforce: Strategies for Health Care Transformation, January 2014 – A report from the AHA Committee on Performance Improvement, American Hospital Association, and respond to the listed questions. Get a pdf of the report at https://www.aha.org/ahahret-guides/2014-01-01-managing-intergenerational-workforce-strategies-health-care. This report has good information to consider, however the report does not include the impact of the more recent generation, Gen Z. Please also read the article, A New Generation of Nurses is Here, February 2019 by J. Chicca and T Shellenbarger, retrieved at https://www.myamericannurse.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ant2-GenZ-117.pdf. This article provides some discussion on strategies to consider in working with the newest generation to join the workforce.For this assignment, consider the following questions:1. What are the challenges related to a generational workforce outlined in the report and in the article?2. What are some of the key strategies outlined in the report and in the article to overcome issues caused by a generational workforce?3. Do you agree or disagree with the strategies outlined in the report and in the article?4. Do you think the strategies will help prevent conflict between the generations and make the workplace more effective?5. Identify other strategies from one additional separate article of your choice related to generational differences that suggest ways to reduce generational conflict. (Feel free to choose an article that may have an opposite view of the impact of generational differences.)6. Does the additional article from the literature support or compliment the findings of the AHA report or of the article on Gen Z? If not, why not?7. In your current workplace, have you experienced the impact of generational differences? How have you or your workplace resolved or dealt with those differences?References• A New Generation of Nurses is Here, (2019 February) J. Chicca and T Shellenbarger, American Nurse Today, retrieved at https://www.myamericannurse.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ant2-GenZ-117.pdf.• A report from the AHA Committee on Performance Improvement. Managing an Intergenerational Workforce: Strategies for Health Care Transformation. (2014, January). Retrieved from https://www.aha.org/system/files/2018-01/managing-intergenerational-workforce-strategies-health-care-transformation-2014.pdfInstructionsWrite a 3-4 page paper double-spaced and prepared in accordance with APA (American Psychological Association) style guide that briefly summarizes the 2014 report on managing a generational workforce and the assigned article A new generation of nurses is here and that discusses the questions posed above. Please submit your paper for evaluation. Your paper should be proofread and free from grammar and spelling mistakes. You should review the rubric under the Evaluation Criteria to understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

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