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Movie Critique PaperCMST 2310, Fall Semester 2021Directions:1. You will select one movie whose characters and plot are related to the interpersonal communication concepts in our textbook.a. You can choose any movie you would like that focuses on an interpersonal relationship(s).b. If you want movie suggestions, some commonly used films for this assignment are Mean Girls, 12 Angry Men, Cool Runnings, The Breakfast Club, Argo, Remember the Titans, Invictus, Apollo 13, Dead Poets Society, The Goonies, White Squall, Babel, The Break-Up, Harry Potter, The Great Debaters, and Morning Glory.2. Discuss SIX concepts/key terms from the textbook in relationship to the movie you chose.a. These can be any concepts covered in our textbook Chapters 1-11 that you did not already know before the course started. Do not pick words like listening, feedback, friendship, family, social media, touch, relationship, or communication. (This is just like the key concept requirement explained in our syllabus for your essay assignments.)b. Look through the glossary of the textbook to help choose your concepts. Examples of good choices are: behavioral flexibility, semantic noise, microaggressions, ethnocentrism, jargon, olfactory cues, social exchange theory, back-channel cues, co-narration, empathic responsiveness, implicit personality theory, reciprocity heuristic, etc.c. Make sure to highlight the six concepts you discuss in your paper.3. Submit your paper in the D2L Assignment Folder (under the Assessments dropdown menu) by 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 28th.Grading:Your paper should be a thoughtful analysis of interpersonal communication concepts that are demonstrated in the film you chose. A thoughtful analysis means: 1) using specific examples from the film, 2) showing you understand and can apply concepts from the textbook, and 3) writing clearly and at a college-level. In other words, in order to receive points for each concept you discuss, your writing needs to show that you can apply the interpersonal communication concepts you selected from the textbook to examples from your movie. Each concept you discuss is worth 5.5 points. Points will be deducted for grammatical and mechanical errors.Writing Requirements:Your paper should have no greater than one inch margins on all sides. There is no need for a header. All papers should be typed using Times New Roman, size 12 font. Papers should be double-spaced. Make sure you use MLA or APA in-text citations and include a bibliography/works cited if you use work from another source. You do not need a cover page. There is a two page minimum length requirement for this assignment (but most students’ papers are longer). Points will be deducted if your paper is not well-written. Make sure your paper is free of mechanical and grammar errors.

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