2- Law Enforcement and Maintaining Order

Interview a police officer(s), working or retired, from your local department(s) and determine the following.
1. To which role-crime fighting or order maintenance-do the officers seem to subscribe?
2. Which of the Siegel and Senna’s styles or typologies of policing do the officers seem to subscribe to?
3. Which of Broderick’s police operational styles do the officers seem to resemble?
4. Which of James Q. Wilson’s styles does the officers seem to resemble?
5. What factors influence the decisions the officers make regarding stopping, summoning, and arresting persons?
Write a 3 page report on your findings combining all the elements of the questions above. Departments that are in the area include: Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Richmond County Board of Education, Augusta State University, Medical College of Georgia, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Hepzibah Police Department, Burke County Sheriff’s Office, Grovetown or North Augusta Public Safety. Note: As far as the interview just pretend you did interviewThe post 2- Law Enforcement and Maintaining Order first appeared on homework crew.

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