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create a 10 slide professional visual PowerPoint presentation. NOTE: The 10 slides do not include the title slide or reference slide.The concepts that have to be represented are…SafetyLeadershipConsider the exemplars evaluated during the course: safety initiatives, evaluation of safety initiatives, medical errors, preventing errors, quality patient care, patient centered care, patient satisfaction, managing versus leading, TeamSTEPPS, conflict management, workplace incivility, cost-effective care and nursing informatics.Then, develop your PowerPoint Presentation. Consider following this pattern for your slides:Slide 1 – Title slide (Does not count toward the slide count)Slide 2 – Introduction slide (Introduces and discusses the two selected course concepts)Slide 3 & 4 – Identify and appraise the first selected concept (Consider the exemplars evaluated during the course)Slide 5 & 6 – Identify and appraise the second selected concept (Consider the exemplars evaluated during the course)Slide 7 – Describe how the two concepts impact the nurses’ need to use high level clinical judgement (Consider how nurses advance clinical practice because of the identified concept)Slide 8 & 9 – Analyze the emerging health initiatives surrounding the two selected concepts (Discuss what initiatives have developed because of the identified exemplars discussed throughout the course)Slide 10 – Discuss how to advance workplace communication (Identify how to advance communication within the healthcare metaparadigm)Slide 11 – Conclude the presentation (Provide an overview of what was discussed in the presentation)Slide 12- Reference slide (References must be in APA Style and citations must be included in the presentation and speaker notes; does not count toward the slide count)Review the entire Course Concepts Presentation Rubric here to understand the full assignment criteria.For information on how to use PowerPoint check the Hondros Library resources here.To view an example PowerPoint download the file here NUR 225 Week 10 Sample Course Concepts Presentation, and be sure to review the Plagiarism Disclaimer Statement

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