Future of the Food Sector

you would predict the food
sector, in countries like Canada and globally, is likely to evolve over the next twenty to thirty
years. Here is some general guidance:
Each of your written synthesis and analysis reports should be a maximum of
two pages in length using size-12 font.
Use sub-headings to provide structure to the report.2.
Make sure you check the spelling and grammar in your report before
Make sure each report has a clear introduction and conclusion.4.
Reference all sources of information and data used; you do not need to
reference the lectures.
If you include any tables and/or figures these must be created as original in the
text; it is not acceptable to cut and paste tables and figures from secondary
In your report, start by considering the broad environment in which the food sector
operates nationally, regionally and globally, and the broad trends we are observing. The
readings in Week 12 and more general background research will provide useful guidance
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In your analysis of change in the food sector, reflect on how the sector is likely to change in
terms of its structure and how it operates. Also, the performance of the sector, for example
in terms of food prices, safety and quality of food, choice of food products, etc. Some of
the key issues you might want to think about include:
Structure of the food sector, for example by firm size.1.
Level and forms of global linkages, ownership, interdependencies, etc.2.
Level and structure of food trade.3.
Functioning of global value chains.4.
Ways in which businesses in the food sector compete, nationally and
Role of government in regulating the food sector, the issues on which
regulations will focus and the forms regulations will take.
Economic role and contribution of the food sector in the context of the overall
economy, nationally and globally.
Nature of the demand for food in aggregate and across food products.8.
Distribution of the food sector globally, including between developing and
industrialised countries.
Optimally, your analysis should draw on the concepts and issues covered throughout the
course in such a way that you demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter and
can apply what you have learned to the wider context.The post Future of the Food Sector first appeared on homework crew.

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