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CLSE 301: Transport Phenomena JKFPoster ProjectOverview. Engineers must develop an ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions. Communication of the process of analysis and the resulting conclusions, to a range of audiences, is an important aspect of engineering.Professional communication can take the form of written reports, memoranda, and simple email. Some information is conveyed in an oral format through a range of modes ranging from technical conference presentations to informal verbal reporting. A poster presentation is a form of oral reporting, in which the visual aid to the audience is offered in the form of a poster. Poster presentations are typically presented by one or more speakers.In this project, you will collaborate with three other students from CLSE 301 to prepare a poster that presents results from one of four different data sets collected from one of four different experiments that demonstrate selected principles of molecular transport phenomena.The four different experiments are:1. Cannon-Fenske Viscometer2. Brookfield Viscometer3. Stoke Law4. Mass DiffusionFor each of these experiments, there are four data sets collected in the Excel file in the corresponding experimental folder. The instructions for processing each set of experimental data, as well as other supporting documentation, are also provided.You assignment is to complete the analysis for one of the data sets associated with one experiment and reporting an overview, background of theory, method of analysis of experimental data, and conclusions in the form of a poster presentation.A guidance document for how to prepare a poster presentation, a poster evaluation rubric, and an example poster presentation are also provided.Your group assignment and your experiment and data set are posted in the attached spreadsheet.

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