Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare

Practice Experience: Identifying a Practice Problem in Need of ImprovementIn this week’s Discussion, you shared your experiences with health care practice problems as a consumer and/or as a practitioner. Now, consider your currentpractice setting and think about something specific and relevant to your practice setting that you would like to see improved or changed. Interview a keyleader in your practice setting who can confirm that your practice problem is one that should be addressed to enhance delivery or performance in the field. Itis important to remember from the beginning that your practice problem must be measurable, and that you identify data that suggests a problem exists, andalthough this comes up more specifically in Week 2, it is important to consider this from the start.This will be the problem discussed in your Practice Experience Project, Capstone Paper, and Storyboard.By Day 4Identify a measurable patient-centered practice problem related to quality or safety and relevant to your practice setting that you will also focus on in yourCapstone Paper and post a brief descriiption of the problem and an explanation of why you selected it. Explain how the conversation you had with the keyleader in your practice setting impacted your decision to address this particular practice problem. Be sure to support your practice problem with the literaturethat indicates the relevance of this problem for nursing practice. Provide evidence from your practice area and describe the data that is available.You will not be collecting any data during the practice experience project; you will use data already available to you in your workplace or other practicesetting. Think about the different kinds of data that is shared with you in your work area. For example, data may include patient satisfaction scores,medication error rates, fall, CLABSI or CAUTI rates. Analyzing the data available to you is how you will identify that a quality problem exists. Data identifiespotential areas for improvement and monitors the effectiveness of any changes. It is important to obtain baseline data before beginning a qualityimprovement project and to analyze results during and at the end of a project.Note: The practice problem must be related to patient outcomes. (Staffing cannot be your main practice problem for the completion of the PracticeExperience Project and Capstone Paper.)Note: If you use the same practice problem that was presented in the Week 1 Discussion on quality theories, keep in mind that you must be much morespecific in this post and explain how it is relevant to your setting and nursing practice.Learning ResourcesRequired ReadingsSpath, P. (2018). Introduction to healthcare quality management (3rd ed.). Health Administration Press.Chapter 1, “Focus on Quality” (pp. 1–12)Chapter 2, “Quality Management Building Blocks” (pp. 13–34)Preview Chapter 3, “Measuring Performance” (pp. 43–46)Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2019). Leading and managing in nursing (7th ed.). Mosby.Chapter 1, “Leading, Managing, and Following” (pp. 1-18)Chapter 2, “Clinical Safety: The Core of Leading, Managing and Following” (pp. 19-31)QP staff. (2010). Guru guide: Six thought leaders who changed the quality world forever. Quality Progress, 43(11), 14–21.Document: Practice Experience Full Guide (PDF)Document: Quality Improvement Storyboard Template (PPT)Document: Capstone Paper Assignment Guides (Word Document)Writing ResourcesScholarly writing is a critical component of nursing academics. Walden University provides resources to support scholarly writing such as the CON WritingTemplate, Grammarly, access to the Walden Writing Center editing services, and many other tools for success.Access these supportive resources for successful writing in the Writing Resources tab found in the left-hand menu of the course or click the link below

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