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9087Power Point Presentation. (Use slides attached- I do not need a title page) the 1 page is for references4.1 Product Offering Briefly describe product features/benefits and the important elements of your brand.4.2 Critical Issues Where is your product in the product life cycle and why? Identify points of parity and points of difference (of your product as it compares to the major competitor).4.3 Objectives/Goals Set at least four specific marketing objectives for your product. (Think about market share, sales revenue, market positioning, image, awareness, social responsibility and related objectives). Think SMART!4.4 Positioning How will you position your product in your target market’s mind?4.5 Marketing Mix4.5.1 Product Describe the product detail and what gives your product more value to your target market (than the competition)?4.5.2 Price Note your major price objective; analyze and determine demand; estimate costs; select a pricing method; select the final price.4.5.3 Place Which retailers will you use? Wholesalers? Website channels of distribution?4.5.4 Promotion What is your main promotional objectives? What is your message? Which media vehicles for communicating that message will you use? How will you evaluate the results of your promotional efforts?The post Marketing Product Focus appeared first on homeworkcrew Essay writing service.

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