Management Tools to Improve Quality and Ensure Compliance

Management Tools to Improve Quality and Ensure Compliance

Bow-Tie Analysis is one of many effective tools for communicating risk assessment.  BTA not only identify the actions, inaction and gaps leading up to the error or violation, the BTA also diagrams specific factors in the resolution of the violation.



  1. State a specific legal or ethical violation.
  2. Examine the violation by applying the BTA or provide another specific example of an effective tool that HCO’s use for risk assessment. Provide a reference for the method you choose.
  3. Describe your method and contrast it with the BTA.
  4. As HCO managers, which assessment tool would you implement to prevent this violation and why?
  5. Provide specifics on how the method would help your organization. Is there any setting that the BTA or risk assessment tool would not work?


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