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LEH 353 Frenemies Final ExamDirections:1. due through Turnitin on Blackboard2. you must have your name and class day and time indicated on the exam3. All exams must be submitted as a Word document.4. you should use 12 font5. 1.5 spaced only6. You will answer 2 total questions.7. each answer will require a minimum of 1.5 pages for a total of 3 pages.8. 2 Questions x 1.5 pages = 3 pages.9. There are 2 questions. You must answer both.Grading Rubric:10. Answers are graded on substance and writing quality.Substance includes issues of factual accuracy and support for claims through textual evidence and interpretation, or reasoned conclusions from the text.11. Questions asked will demand both facts and interpretations.12. You must quote, paraphrase and cite relevant passages by page with a parenthetical notation in order to support your answer.13. Citation Examples: Harari says xyz (Harari, 65). Aristotle says happiness is “activity in accord with virtue.” (Aristotle, 77).Writing Quality includes the following:14. Answer in complete sentence and paragraph form.15. You are writing complete essays that must be proofread for spelling, grammar, meaning and intelligibility, focus on the question and its scope, and the logical flow of ideas from one point to the next, one sentence to the next.16. Length is no proof of a good answer.17. Scope: stay within the parameters of the question and include all relevant elements you can, and exclude any topic that is not pertinent to the question being asked.18. Stay on point and say what you feel you need to say to answer the specific questions asked as thoroughly as possible. The goal is to provide a complete answer within 1.5pages.19. Lastly, this exam is based on the facts of the text and your understanding of the text. Under no circumstances are you to use secondary sources whether books or online resources other than those I have provided. The text is designed to reflect your analytic thinking skills not someone else’s.20. The only textual sources you should be citing are the assigned class reading connected with the question.21. Plagiarism from another student or from some other source is forbidden and will result in a failing grade.22. Failure to comply with these instructions will the result in a reduction of your final exam grade.(100points/2 Questions 50points each)Part I (50 points)Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality1. Explain the two notions of self-love presented in Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. (made sure to see Note XV on p. 218)a. Explain what Rousseau means by the terms amour de soi-même (self-love) and amour-propre (vanity). While both terms can be translated as “self-love”, the first is translated as “self-love” while the second is translated as “vanity.” These are two forms of love or desire. Make sure to explain the differences in the nature of the desire, including the object and magnitude of each type including issues of self-sufficiency and dependence, the role of “ideas of merit,” and the role of comparison and competition.b. One form of self-love is considered good and leads to human happiness, while the other is considered bad and leads to unhappiness and misery. Which is which? And, why is one good and one bad?c. If the origins of political, social and economic inequality reside in the historical transformation from of eros or self-love, from amour de soi-même to amour-propre, explain how Rousseau believes this transformation occurred. What does Rousseau identify as some of the key physical and psychological developments which caused this transformation?Part II (50 points)George Orwell’s 19842. The world of Orwell’s 1984 is often described as totalitarian.a. First, what does it mean for a political regime to be totalitarian?b. In its simplest definition a totalitarian regime is one that exercises total or close to total control over all aspects of the lives of its citizens. Describe what the panopticon and panopticonism is and how this technique is manifest in the world of 1984 to control the citizens.c. As we have seen in the Symposium one of the basic strategies of tyranny and totalitarianism is to “divide and conquer” the people in their relationships to themselves and to one another. Explain how this strategy works and how it is manifest examples in 1984.d. A major form of control is through language and ideas which regulate not only what people say, but also what and how they think about the world, themselves and their relationships with others.Explain what Newspeak is and how is it used, as a form of speech and thought, as a strategy to control people. What is “doublethink” and how is it part of this strategy of control? What is the consequence of Newspeak on the individual psychology of the inhabitants of this world generally, including its impact on their relationship with themselves and each another?

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