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Assignment Paper | homework crew


SoB Mission StatementOur mission is to develop diverse leaders, propel research-based innovation and promote the sustainable growth of Inland Southern California within the global economy. We harness the powerful resources of UC and our location at the nexus of commerce to create a laboratory for education, research, and productive partnerships across economic enterprises.The strategic activities that propel our mission include:• Conducting basic and applied research in management that explores and informs the creation, development and management of growth;• Providing degree programs that prepare our students to be effective managers and responsible community leaders with a deep understanding of the dynamics of growth in both a regional and global context;• Partnering with business and community leaders through a shared commitment to exemplary growth; and• Delivering educational programs to executives and the public at large that respond to the needs of our local, state, national, and international communities.Undergraduate Program – Learning Goals• Problem Solving Skills: Students will be able to use a variety of theoretical perspectives to identify and critically evaluate implications of business decisions for organizational stakeholders (e.g., customers, colleagues, employees, stockholders, suppliers, foreign governments, communities, cultures, regulatory agencies) and the natural environment.• Professional Integrity/Ethical Reasoning Skills: Students will be able to recognize ethical issues, demonstrate familiarity with alternative frameworks for ethical reasoning, and discern trade-offs and implications of employing different ethical frames of reference when making business decisions.• Global Context Skills: Students will be conversant with major economic, social, political, and technological trends and conditions influencing foreign investment and development of the global economy and demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, interpersonal and analytical competencies required for engaging in global business activities.• Written Communication Skills: Students will demonstrate proficiency in written communications by creating clearly written documents, with appropriate content and conclusions.Course descriptionBUS 124 Business Analytics, 4 units, Lecture, 3 hours; term paper, 1 hour; written work, 2 hours. Prerequisite(s): STAT 048 or consent of instructor. Provides fundamental concepts and tools needed to understand the emerging role of business analytics in organizations. Applies basic business analytics tools in a spreadsheet environment. Introduces market-leading techniques that help identify and manage key data from business processes. Provides the essential tools required for data mining and business process re-engineering.Course/Learning objectiveBy the end of the course, students should be able to:• generate decision-making information from data• solve management problems using common computer tools• identify and formulate problems, select and use appropriate models• interpret the results of statistical analyses• perform estimation, hypothesis testing, and analysis of variance• understand simple and multiple regression, time series, and forecasting• understand and perform common data mining techniquesPrerequisitesPrerequisites: STAT 048 “with D- or better” or STAT 100A “with D- or better”Course MaterialsFundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP, by Ron Klimberg & B. D. McCullough, 2nd edition, ISBN: 978-1-62959-856-7 (hard copy). An eBook is also available for $48.99 (I used ePub version: EPUB 978-1-62960-801-3) at UCR’s B&N virtual campus bookstore or at: policyCourse Activities:A. Problems 40 %B. Midterm exam 20 %C. Final exam 30 %D. Course project 10 %A. Problems: Homework will be assigned throughout the quarter using our text and JMP.B. Exams: One midterm and a final exam will be taken.C. Final is cumulative & comprehensive.D. Students will work on a final project.Grades will be posted throughout the term on iLearn. If you find any problem with your score, you must inform the instructor within one week from the time this score is posted. After one week, scores will not be reviewed.In the case of score dispute, the entire exam or assignment will be reviewed, not just the question(s) in dispute. The score could go up, down, or remain the same.SOFTWARE AND CALCULATOR:We will be using Excel and JMP. JMP can be downloaded through the university site.CLASS ASSIGNMENTS:Reading and Homework: There will be weekly reading and homework assignments in this course. Be aware that analytics is a subject which cannot be learned merely by listening to lectures — you must jump in and work examples (the more the better!) to understand the material. You should read the assigned chapters before the start of class. Then try the homework immediately after the lecture if possible. I suggest that if you have trouble with a particular example, work more examples to cement the concepts. I am here to help! Homework sets will be graded be collected regularly. Be sure to pay attention to due dates!Paper/Project: Students will prepare a data analysis and paper for the course. Students will need to download a data set which includes important information for decision makers, then perform an analysis of the data, being sure to include appropriate statistical procedures for the types of data included. The analysis should demonstrate your knowledge of the course material (descriptive statistics, data visualization, linear regression or time series analysis, and/or data mining) and must be practical to decision makers. A short statement of the hypothesis/problem under study should be included, with literature cited where appropriate.Each student should submit a one-page abstract, stating the title, purpose, and a tentative table of contents for their paper by no later than Tuesday, October 26th. If time allows, students will discuss with the class their progress sometime in November. Each student will provide a 5–8 minute presentation of their work to the class website on the last day of class (Dec 2nd). The written report and presentation are due at that time. Note that the final is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 7th from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm.The 12 – 15 paper page should be double spaced and typed, and submitted both in electronic format. All ideas, quotes, etc., must be referenced. When in doubt, reference! Although the paper should be proofread for grammar and punctuation, the paper will be graded mostly on content and development of ideas. A table of contents is sometimes helpful, but you don’t need a fancy cover. Novel ideas are welcome but should relate to the course. Computer projects, surveys and experiments are always welcome. The paper should show that learning took place for this course. Personal experience/anecdotal evidence should be minimized. You need to develop original ideas synthesized with the ideas of others and supported with scholarly references, but don’t regurgitate material from another work. Real world examples make the paper more relevant. Give the name of companies with dates and results.EXAMS:Exams include a midterm and a cumulative & comprehensive final. The format will be a combination of working out problems similar to the homework and short essays interpreting the results of computer printouts. Exams will be open book/open notes, however I recommend that each student prepare one page of notes/formulas/anything you want. Of course you may use a calculator. NO MAKEUP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN unless arrangements have been made in advance. If this causes a problem for you, let me know in advance!Grading and Classroom Policy:1. All tests must be taken during designated times.2. Grades will be given on a 90, 80, 70, and 60 cutoff basis.3. If you are in need of an accommodation for a disability in order to participate in this class, please let me know ASAP.4. Duplication of copyrighted software is software piracy. Do not participate in this activity.5. Representing someone else’s work as your own is an offense covered by the student handbook with penalties ranging from loss of points for the assignment to expulsion from the university. Plagiarism is the act of presenting the ideas and writings of another as one’s own. Cheating is the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit for academic work through the use of any dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means.Copying & pasting HW assignments will not be accepted. Students with obvious identical answers for one or more problems will get zero points for the entire assignment.6. Students should be prepared to present a UCR ID and one other photo identification before taking an exam for credit for that work to be given.7. Email messages to the instructor should have “BUS 124” in the subject line or they may be accidentally deleted.Integrity statement:At the University of California, Riverside (UCR) honesty and integrity are fundamental values that guide and inform us as individuals and as a community. The academic culture requires that each student take responsibility for learning and for producing work that reflect their intellectual potential, curiosity, and capability. Students must represent themselves truthfully, claim only work that is their own, acknowledge their use of others’ words, research results, and ideas, using the methods accepted by the appropriate academic disciplines and engage honestly in all academic assignments. Misunderstanding of the appropriate academic conduct will not be accepted as an excuse for academic misconduct. If a student is in doubt about appropriate academic conduct in a particular situation, he or she should consult with the instructor in the course to avoid the serious charge of academic misconduct.

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