The Path of the Warrior

Book: The Path of the Warrior: An Ethical Guild to Personal & Professional Development in the Field of Criminal Justice Paperback – by Larry F. Jetmore
please prepare a paper and address the following:
-Synopsize THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR and comment upon its effectiveness.
– In THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR. How did the textbook compelled you towards a delineated path in your life and why? How did the textbook better explained
ethics in law enforcement and why?
-Were there sufficient historical and current references supplied to prove the assertions of the author of THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR?
-Describe and assess the Organizational Effect on Police Ethics as outlined in THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR.
-Outline and analyze the Effects of Lower Entry-Level Standards on Police Ethics as pontificated in THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR.
-Comment on the multiple canons and codes expected of Police Officers that were presented in this reading? Realistic? Utopian? Do Police Officers deserve
more compensation with such lofty expectations? How can successful police supervisors (sergeants) as well as managers (executives – chiefs) assist in the
achievement of the conduct desired of police officers in THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR.
-In THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR discuss the Warrior Philosophy.
-Did THE PATH OF THE WARRIOR guide you, assist you or inspire you for the future?The post The Path of the Warrior first appeared on homework crew.

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