Jane Austen’s novels, Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park

The topic of this essay is Love TrianglesWithin the chosen topic, develop an original and specific interpretive thesis that explores how an issue in Mansfield Park connects with a related issue in Sense and Sensibility. Use evidence (details and quotes) from the two novels to develop your thesis, but prioritize Mansfield Park.
Be sure to state and have a solid thesis.
This will likely be compare/contrast in some way, but dont stress if you cant find many differences (there should be a built-in similarity if they are related to the same issue). You can organize the essay however works best for youstarting with the later novel and tracing elements back to the early one, or starting with the early one and showing how the later one connects back to it.
Format: Full essay with intro and conclusion, tightly focused on a specific thesis connecting a narrowly defined issue (within the topic selected) in the two novels discussed. Carefully proofread, using AXES format (each paragraph makes a point; plot summary is avoided).
NOTE: The intro should really lead straight to the thesisno time or need for an inverted funnel that starts broad and narrows. No time for big picture statements about history, life, Austen, novels, etc.
* A provocative thing to consider: Some theorists argue that the energy flowing between the two bases of the triangle is at least as powerful as the energy flowing from each base to the apex. For example, Darcy and Wickhams resentment of each other may be even stronger than their affection for her in Pride and Prejudice.
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