Faith Integration in Nursing and Healthcare

Faith Integration in Nursing and Healthcare

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Write a position statement that describes your responsibility as a Christian healthcare leader regarding the ethical use of patient health information in your healthcare system or provider organization. If you do not work at a health system, choose a health system or provider organization of interest for this discussion.
Include at least four (4) components to your position and cite evidence from research and Scripture to support your positions.
You must include at least four (4) peer-reviewed journal articles (one article per component) as part of the evidence supporting your position.
Students should also reflect on the course content, class discussions, and assignments, and reference them in this paper as well.
The paper must include a cover sheet with the title of the assignment, your name, course number, date of submission, instructor’s name, and university’s name.
Use the following outline for your paper.
• Cover Sheet
• Introduction (5%)
• Background about your healthcare system or provider organization (20%)
• Your position statements. Include at least four components to your position statement. Each will have at least one peer-reviewed, scholarly journal reference and at least one Scriptural reference to support your position. This section is the most important component of the paper and should reflect a graduate-level critical thought analysis of the article. (40%)
• Professional Application for a Christian working in a professional workplace (20%)
• Conclusion (5%)
• References, APA 7th formatting, grammar (10%)
The paper should be thoughtfully written and free of grammatical errors. The grade is based on demonstrating the ability to express thoughtful reflection in a well-written paper graded on the following areas:
Depth and Clarity of Ideas – The writing should reflect careful thought about the topic and address the stated objective.
Mechanics – The entire writing will be assessed for grammatical and mechanical errors, including spelling
1200-1600 words (about 4-6 pages)
APA 7th edition formatting for paper structure, layout, in-text citations, and references
Upload as a Word document (.docx)


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