2- Evolutionary Biology & Darwin

Evolutionary Biology & Darwin
For your assignment, first I would like you to read “Was Darwin Wrong?” (Found on Moodle). Following your reading of “Was Darwin Wrong?” I would then like you to listen to the following podcast on Evolutionary Biology (Darwinism):
Evolutionary Biology (Darwinism)
John McCormack is an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist and helps to break down some of the harder concepts of evolution. Please note, there is some explicit material in this podcasts (language and references).
Once you have completed the reading and listening complete the following:
1. Write a four page (at least), double-spaced summary/opinion paper to both the paper AND the podcast.
a. In your paper you will need to include the following information:
i. The four types of evidence that Darwin used to develop his theory of evolution (biogeography, paleontology, morphology, and embryology
ii. What is anageneis and speciation and whether or not they have been proven to exist
iii. Definitions of natural selection and adaptation
iv. What genetic drift is and the example Dr. McCormack uses to explain it
v. Definition of phylogeny
b. In the last part of your paper, you will give your opinion about whether or not Darwin was wrong in the report. You may focus on either the paper, podcast, or both. THIS IS YOUR OPINION! THERE IS NO RIGHT/WRONG ANSWER!
Please read through your paper before submitting as I will deduct points for spelling and grammar mistakes. The post 2- Evolutionary Biology & Darwin first appeared on homework crew.

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