Ethics for a Data-Driven Age

In this debate, you will investigate together the ethical dimensions of advanced information technology, data analysis, and ongoing developments in
computer science.
The opening statement and rebuttal have different due dates.
Debate Topic:
Can knowledge be harmful? If so, give a concrete example and explain why. If not, explain why not, citing evidence drawn from real life. Either way, be clear
about what you mean by “harm.”
Please read the debate guidelines (Links to an external site.).
Read the tips for debate:
Wilson, J. (2016, August 22). Debate tips: A few tips for those daily arguments you get into (Links to an external site.).
National Speech and Debate Association. (n.d.). Debate training guide. (Links to an external site.)
Opening Statement
Respond to the debate prompt. Explain your position on the question posed and justify your stance by providing reasons and evidence in the clearest terms
possible. Please add “Opening Statement” in the first line of the post.
Please respond to at least one classmate’s opening statement. Explain and justify your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with their position and the
reasons for it they gave.
Please post your opening statement and rebuttal by clicking the Reply button below. The rebuttals should be posted as replies to other students’ opening
Module 5 Ethics for a Data-Driven Age
Many problems of ethics arising in business and professional life are not much changed by the passing of time. However, modern and still-developing
information technologies sometimes create new ethical challenges. This module introduces you to some of the problems of right and wrong, social duty and
moral obligation, arising in our data-driven age.
Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
Analyze the rights and wrongs of how, why, and for whose benefit information is distributed across an increasingly global network of people and
Investigate the dangers to human interests of a culture of “technology for its own sake.”
Diagnose threats to democracy posed by poor data hygiene by tech giants and a strategically misinformed electorate.
Revisit the issue of the meaning and application of justice in the context of our era of Big Data.
Key Concepts
This module focuses on the following major topics:
Ethical opportunities and dangers arising from Internet technology and the problems of unequal access it creates
Does technology serve us, or vice versa?
The troubling threat to political and social freedom posed by new and emerging data science and information technology
Summary of Module Learning Activities
This section outlines the activities that you will complete in this module. It is recommended that you complete the readings in the module prior to submitting
the assignments.The post Ethics for a Data-Driven Age first appeared on homework crew.

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