BUSI613 Supply Chain Management Integration of faith and learning

BUSI613 Supply Chain Management Integration of faith and learning




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Search the Bible (either the Old or New Testament) for at least 1 Bible verse that would guide a Supply Chain Management (SCM) analyst/manager in a presentation on improving the firm’s supply chain.

State your Bible verse and the reference.

In at least 3 well-crafted paragraphs (750–1250 words total), discuss the Bible verse within the context of SCM and any of the Reading & Study materials.

In addition to your chosen Bible verse, you must reference at least 2 scholarly sources. The assignment must conform to current APA formatting.

A suggested format for this assignment:

ï‚·  First paragraph: Discuss the Bible verse from a biblical perspective. Provide context for the next two paragraphs.

ï‚·  Second paragraph: Discuss the theory of how SCM efforts help firms improve their business models through improved supply chains. Include at least 2 scholarly resources (WSJ, Fortune Magazine, The Economist, etc. are all considered scholarly in the discipline of SCM). Do not hesitate to consult the Supply Chain Management journals as well.

ï‚·  Third paragraph: Discuss/analyze the Bible verse’s importance in tempering and guiding the efforts of the Supply Chain Management team.

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