The Relationship Between Public Relations Excellence

To show mastery of the concepts of excellence in public relations from a management context, you will write a comprehensive term paper (which serves as your “final exam” for this course. The title of your paper is:
The Relationship Between Public Relations Excellence
and Management in Organizations
You may include a subtitle to distinguish an aspect of this broad subject; however, it is expected that the basis of this paper is grounded in the Manager’s Guide to Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management, written by Dozier, Glen, Larissa and James Grunig, 1995. This book is a detailed report on seminal research on the relationship of public relations professionals and organizational management. It is expected and required that all graduate students read this book and use it as the centerpiece of their graduate paper. In addition, it is expected that at least 10-15 additional references in the form of books, peer-reviewed journal articles are used in your term paper.
The term paper should be prepared using APA style conventions with a cover sheet and should include extensive in-text citations and attribution as well as a reference page. Its length should be no less than 15 pages of body copy with supporting documentation additional.The post The Relationship Between Public Relations Excellence first appeared on homework crew.

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