E-commerce and Online Behaviour Assessment

2700-3000 word s-commerce proposal
-My chosen company is Boohoo
-For the evaluation of the company’s current e-commerce offerings I would like their Instagram account and their brand ambassador to be spoken about.
-For the s-commerce proposal I would like the focus to be on Boohoo introducing onsite reviews (social)
-I have made a start on this assignment but am not confident with it. I will attach it below so you can use some of it if necessary.
-Should mention how they are different to competitors, no direct quotes for value offering, needs to include theory such as electronic word of mouth, trust
and influence, network and social proof.
Social commerce is a way of utilizing social media platforms and channels to help promote e-commerce and to assist in the buying and selling of goods or
services. Your task is to develop a plan for a social commerce strategy for an organisation of your choice that interacts with its customers online. You must
evaluate their current e-commerce and s-commerce systems and look for ways in which they could be improved. You can recommend a way to develop a
social commerce presence if they do not currently have one.
You do not need to obtain inside information or access to an organisation to complete this assignment as no primary research is needed. You can base it on
information that is already in the public domain.
Assessment criteria
Practitioner research 20% – Introduction to the problem – background to the organisation and an audit of their online presence demonstrating research and
evaluation of emerging technologies for e-commerce.
Academic research 30% – Identify and apply relevant theoretical models to and analyse s-commerce, e-commerce, online consumer behaviour and
developments in digital culture.
Proposal 30% – An s-commerce proposal outlining your solution for the organisation that makes use of academic research undertaken and the appropriate
s-commerce academic models. The proposal should comment on the potential benefits and risks to the organisation of adopting the s-commerce proposal.
Critique 20% – A critical evaluation of the proposal demonstrating an ability to apply and evaluate the psychological structures and processes involved in
online consumer behaviour.
See attached marking grid for more guidance
Learning outcomes
LO1 – Research and evaluate emerging technologies for e-commerce.
LO2 – Apply research and theoretical models to identify and analyse e-commerce and online consumer behaviour.
LO3 – Demonstrate an ability to apply and evaluate the psychological structures and processes involved in online consumer behaviour.
LO4 – Develop an s-commerce (social commerce) strategy solution for a specific organisation.
LO5 – Research and evaluate developments in contemporary digital cultureThe post E-commerce and Online Behaviour Assessment first appeared on homework crew.

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