BUSI613: Week 7 – Discussion Thread: Current SCM Topics

BUSI613: Week 7 - Discussion Thread: Current SCM Topics

BUSI613: Week 7 – Discussion Thread: Current SCM Topics


In the first paragraph of your thread, provide the background information for the topic selected for your paper. In the second paragraph, explain potential consequences of the problem, as well as alternative solutions to it. In the last paragraph(s), present your proposed solution, along with justification for its selection.


Discussion: Current SCM Topics Assignment Instructions

From the three current SCM topics found below, select the one you would like to research. This will be the topic of your Discussion Thread: Current SCM Topic.


  • Put the name of the topic on your title page.
  • In 500–750 words, address the following items:
  • Explain the background of the situation from a broad perspective.
  • Explain the potential consequences of the situation as it is explained, along with several alternative responses to it.
  • Present your proposed response to the situation, along with justification for its selection.
  • Include the following headings: background of the situation, potential consequences/alternative responses, proposed response.
  • You must reference at least 2 scholarly sources in addition to your textbook. Use peer-reviewed articles, such as those found in supply chain management journals. In addition to the 2 scholarly articles and the textbook, you may use newspapers, and magazines (Fortune, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc.) as found in the Liberty University Online Library.


This is an important assignment that requires significant research efforts; do not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment.


  1. As a distribution manager for a large retail chain, you plan to present to company management your plans for a green logistics process that will in large part replace the organization’s present eco-unfriendly methods of shipping merchandise. You plan to point to research indicating that consumers are willing to pay more products delivered in ways that save energy, and say that doing this will improve company image. What are the aspects of your plan? What type of resistance are your ideas likely to encounter?


  1. 3-D printing has been growing in popularity in recent years, with firms using it to reduce cost and facilitate just-in-time production. As a production manager, you understand the benefits of such technology, but wonder about cost, maintenance, and impact on present suppliers, many of whom have been selling to you for decades. You fear that ending such relationships may mean the end of your preferred customer status for other purchases made from them. Explain your decision-making process in this situation.
  2. A member of the procurement staff at your organization has suggested implementing the use of social media in your supply chain management activities. If you decide to do this, how would it be used? What tasks will it assist in performing? Which media will be used? On what basis would you approve or disapprove of its use?

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