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1. LEARNING OUTCOMES BEING ASSESSED:LO3: Evaluate staff recruitment and selection process.LO4: Discuss the concepts of Orientation, training, and compensationLO5: Describe the importance of the Performance Appraisal process2. HANDING IN FORMAT INSTRUCTIONS:• Sign this page and put it as a cover for your assignment• Submit a softcopy of your work on Blackboard (Safe Assign).• Work must be neat and readable• Number all pages• Work must be typed using Front size 12, double space in Times New Roman.• Mention all references used in the assignment3. Marks:Problem/Question LO to beassessedMarksAllottedMarksObtainedFeedback to StudentIntroduction to the organizationsand evaluate the recruitment &Selection process;LO3 6Describe the orientation, training,and compensations practiceswithin the organization.LO4 7Discuss the performance appraisalprocess at the organizations. (4marks)References, Conclusion &Recommendation (3 marks)24. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:Forms of Academic Impropriety Lecturer Findings• Is there verbatim copying or unidentified andunacknowledged quotation of another’s work or fromInternet?• Is there paraphrasing of another’s work by simplychanging a few words or altering the order withoutclear identification and acknowledgement?• Is there unauthorized co-operation between a studentand another person or student?• Others□ Viva □ Progress assessment□ Changes in writing style □ Different spelling style• Plagiarism report summary using KIC S/WLecturer ConclusionLecturer Signature: ________________5. SIMILARITY THRESHOLD, VIOLATIONS & PENALTIES AND RECORDSSimilarity Threshold:The faculty teaching the course will review the student work submitted together with theoriginality report to determine if the work complies with the maximum similarity percentagefor categories of academic work as shown below:Student Academic Work Item Similarity ThresholdContinuous Assessment (coursework, assignments,mini-projects, case studies, presentations, etc)20%Major Assessments such as thesis, graduation project andinternship report, final project or course work used asreplacement of final exams15%3Violations & Penalties:A) Where sources (similar text) are properly referenced:1 If the similarity level for any submitted work is equal to or less than the acceptablepercentage of similarity shown in the table in E2 above, the mark will be recorded as assigned.2 If the similarity level for any submitted work is over the acceptable percentage of similarityshown in the table in E2 above by 5% or more (ie 25% or more for continuous assessment or 20% ormore for major assessments) the work will be rejected with no possibility of revision or secondsubmission and the grade assigned and recorded for the item will be zero (0).3 If the similarity level for any submitted work is more than the acceptable percentage ofsimilarity shown in the table in E2 above by less than 5% (ie in the range 21%-25% for course workand 16%-20% for major assessments) a penalty will be imposed as follows:• First Offense (less than 5% over threshold): the grade assigned and recorded for the itemwill be reduced by 25%.• First Offense (more than 5% over threshold): the grade assigned and recorded for the itemwill be zero (0).• Repeat Offense(s) (over threshold by any amount): the grade assigned and recorded for theitem will be zero (0).B) Where sources (similar text) are NOT properly referenced:4 If the manual check by the faculty member confirms the presence of work, sources or similartext which are not properly referenced, this will be considered as plagiarism, deemed to be anacademic offence and will be recorded in the student’s file. In addition, the following penalties willapply:• Plagiarized work equal to or less than percentages in the table in E2 above will be penalizedby a mark of zero (0) for the item.• Plagiarized work exceeding by any amount the percentages in the table in E2 above will bepenalized by an F grade in the course.• Repeat offense(s) of plagiarized (unreferenced) work of any amount in the same course willbe penalized by an F grade in the course.• Repeat offense(s) of plagiarized (unreferenced) work of any amount in a subsequentsemester will be penalized by an F grade in all courses registered in the semester.5 Assignments mentioned in D4 above where Turnitin/SafeAssign is not suitable for use tocheck for similarity (such as an assignment requiring programming code) have the same acceptablesimilarity threshold levels as those in the table in E2 above and violations of the threshold will bepenalized following the same approach set out in F1 to F4 above.6 Repeat offenses of excess similarity and all cases of plagiarism will also be referred to theAcademic Malpractice Mitigation & Appeals Panel, which may apply further sanctions if deemedappropriate.

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