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Read through this description of an actual case and conduct a full analysis of the case study with the attached document.A defense contractor would be expected to take security very seriously, and this company, we will call it Department of Optional Defense (DooD), was diligent about security in every way. The physical location had round-the-clock guards and they had state of the art network security. Their customers require very stringent security measures, including rotating their physical security guards every 6 months. DooD contracted with a third-party company to provide the regularly changing security guards and had requirements for background checks for all assigned security guards.One of the contracted guards had been on the job for about 2 months when he started bringing his personal laptop to the job. He would hook it up to the company network and tell people that he was studying for his accounting degree at an online school. If someone walked by, they would see spreadsheets and numbers on his laptop and think he was just doing his homework.The guard was well-liked and no one noticed that he was actually hacking into the CFO’s network traffic and he ended up gaining access to online banking IDs, PINs, and transaction information that the CFO had exchanged with the staff. Exploiting weaknesses in the IT infrastructure for the company, the guard was able to initiate bank transfers using the stolen data to multiple accounts. Each payment was fairly high, but not quite high enough to arouse suspicion. The guard was able to maintain his covert theft until his 6-month rotation was over and he was transferred to another company.It was only after the guard had left DooD was it discovered that there had been multiple payments to outside accounts to the tune of a few million dollars. An external auditing company requested more information about these transfers from the CFO, and there was no further information. It took a full investigation well over a year to finally track the guilty guard and bring charges against him.The investigation found that there were multiple IT-related mistakes. First, IT policies did not require strong pass-phrases from all employees for all transactions. Second, the guard was allowed to connect a personal computer to the network. Access policies should have detected the intrusion and blocked access immediately. Third, there was no system administrative command oversight that would have been able to detect internal hacking. Multiple types of evidence were gathered and analyzed in order to determine the guilty party and the multiple security breaches. Case Study AnalysisThe first step in an in-depth analysis is to become familiar with the situation and identify the problem. Read the description several times and write down the main elements of the situation. Write your answers underneath the prompts in enough detail that someone else would be able to fully understand the scenario.1. What is the main problem?2. What are the primary contributing factors to the problem?3. What are other contributing factors to the problem, i.e. hidden factors and unexpected factors?4. Who are the main people involved in the situation?5. Name the main people and their roles.6. Name the other people involved in the situation and their roles.7. What is the setting for the situation in detail?8. What peripheral elements of the situation may be influential in the problem or solution?The second step is to use the information above to determine the impact on the people and organizations involved. In your own words, describe the impact of the problem including the technical factors.1. Impact on people2. Impact on the organizationThe third step is to identify any proposed solutions from the case study. Describe the proposed solutions in detail. You will build on these ideas during the fourth step.1. Describe the main proposed solution if any.2. Describe the important technology factors included in the main proposed solution.3. Describe the important human factors included in the main proposed solution.4. Describe the important organizational factors, if any.5. Describe the impact of the proposed solution if it was implemented.a. Was the solution fully effective in solving the problem?b. Was the solution partially effective in solving the problem?6. Identify and describe the reasons why the proposed solution worked or did not work.a. What barriers prevented the solution from being fully effective, if any?The fourth step is to describe in detail your proposed solutions, providing the reasons why you would solve the problem in this manner. You will want to include as much detail as possible so that you will be able to determine the efficacy of the solution, as well as be able to determine if this solution will be effective in solving other problems.1. Describe your proposed solution and support it with facts and logical reasons.2. Detail any other solutions that you considered, and why you decided to go with the proposed solution detailed above.3. Explain what information you used to create your proposed solution.4. Provide additional resources to support your solutionPlease save your work with your name and the Unit # Assignment, then submit to your instructor.

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