Marriage – Is It Becoming Obsolete?


I have yet to receive any response at all, but further gaslighting and harassment during subsequent requests to file police reports and document evidence of the ongoing crimes being committed against me. The above paragraph is after I entered the police station, the first half of the scenario, and the scenario in full, that occurred outside the Mission Police Station on March 8, 2016, will be fully articulated in a separate posting. It appears in the United States if you belong to the right sexual predator group of thugs (thugs here may or may not be of the stereotypical appearance commonly associated with the word thug, but are thugs just the same) and perverts you can rape, pillage, plunder, inflect and experiment on, stalk, rewrite history, murder someone in the street, drug them for years, or whatever you want to do, and if you should get stuck anywhere the police will jump in to help the criminals against the victims.
If you are a stalking victim, how many times have you been told by perpetrators the police or prosecutors were doing this or that, but you blew bubbles in the bathtub and messed it up to further blame the victim and restrict your activity such as raising awareness online? This is not a comprehensive account, but this is what a multiple perpetrator stalking victim is left with due to the complete and utter incompetence and corruption of law enforcement. She has never even attempted to take the bar exam, first due to her mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer six weeks after graduation, not being told about bar loans until it was one month too late, then the workplace mobbing, and continued targeting. This little jerk then told me he would give me two options, at which time I told him you do not give me my options, this is about murder. It was also during the year of the police report in which the Google account almost immediately begin returning irregular returns, videos that had been fine for years where suddenly deemed not eligible for monetization, Blogger hits that had been 1,200-1,600 daily for years began to decline, the paper check option was no longer available the one time we needed to use it.
Since most of the world has come to a standstill, is shut down, and people are being urged to STAY HOME unless absolutely necessary, many of us who are more active, or who are use to going visiting, or to our daily jobs, are starting to get “cabin fever”. They are causing people to be on disability, inflicting it, orchestrating it, worsening it with electronic strikes. The nine page articulation of these crimes disappeared from my possessions while at 1020 Project last winter, 2019. It appears perpetrators, as was stated at that time, “There was a bad accident and you died four hours ago,” are attempting to blame on an auto accident that never occurred. Also note, in their “James Bond” ways, there was a full size diesel wrecker with “Dale’s Automotive” at the entrance to the jail, on the other side of the chain length fence. A big problem with Skype is that it’s full of bugs. Let our professional insight smooth out every problem and improve your feeling for better life. Then, when I was walking by Mission Police Department at that time, years ago now, what appeared to be a high level law enforcement officer, of the same age, build, and general appearance of this person, stepping out the back door of the police station to make a bobble neck gesture in mockery.

For example, so-called “tube websites”, some of the most popular Hd Porn stream resources intentionally base their high profit on stealing adult content, thus making it more difficult for Hd Porn Stream cam performers focusing on streaming to earn a living. And the quality of our content is so high that it makes your cock high and big. I am tall and thin, (more than one inch shorter now due to spinal injuries by still to the best of my knowledge unprosecuted stalker crimes in May 2014) so they were implying it was because I was anorexic or bulimic, which I have never been. My lifetime demonstrates consistent trustworthiness, protective of the innocent, a strong and healthy maternal instinct, and not only for hd porn stream my own children, with a reasonable sense of justice, invested more than half of my life in this local legal community, then becoming (a still unlicensed due to perpetrators), lawyer, and I am old enough to be his mother.

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