F- Foundations in Applied English Language Studies


SECTION AQuestion 1“The language components interact with one another. They contain smaller parts, all ofwhich interact in precise, though limited, ways with each other and with parts of othercomponents” (Delahunty & Garvey, 2010: 38). Taking into account this statement, studythe language aspects in TUT 501, page 8, Table 1, and then answer the questions thatfollow.Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly. It is a word that, if misused, can causeunreasonable fear.Source:https://www.who.int/director-general/speeches/detail/who-director-general-sopening-remarks-at-the-media-briefing-on-covid-19—11-march-2020 accessed: 07 June20211.1 Identify the morphological elements that make up each of the following words.1.1.1 lightly (2 marks)1.1.2 unreasonable (3 marks)1.2 Using Table 1 on page 8 from Tutorial letter 501, mention the language aspectthat describes the activity you did in 1.1 (1 mark)1.3 In your own words, explain the distinction between the language aspect youmentioned in 1.2 and syntax. (2 marks)1.4 In Tut letter 501 on page 8 semantics is explained as “the study of meaningand how meaning is made and understood.” Bearing this statement in mind, read thefollowing sentence:She was invited to attend the ball for the retiring Chief Executive Officer.1.4.1 Provide the meaning of the word ‘ball’ as used in the sentence. (1 mark)1.4.2 Construct your own sentence in which you show another meaning of the word ‘ball’.(2 marks)1.5 Read the following sentence and explain two different meanings of the underlinedphraseThe English teacher dresses smartly and speaks eloquently.(2 marks)1.6 Construct two sentences of your own in which you use a phrase that carries twomeanings. Underline the phrase you have used in both sentences.(2 marks)[15 marks]
Question 2In Unit 2, you were introduced to the concept of speech varieties. You were also madeaware that the use of a speech variety may be influenced by a wide range of factors. Thefactors include the purpose for which the variety is used and the relationship between itsusers.Study the following message and answer the questions that follow.TEXT AWhen I woke up this morning, I saw a message from my friend. It read, “Eish! mybro. I have just learned that my father has finally passed away. We’ll have to call offthe braai. Askies chommie.” Still staring at the message, I said to myself, “Aikona!Things are really bad these days. This Covid is really messing us up.2.1 What is the register used in the above text message? (1 mark)2.2 Identify four different examples from the message (TEXT A) to support your answerin 2.1. (4 marks)2.3 Provide the standard form for the examples you identified in 2.2 (4 marks)2.4 Create your own message in which you use three different non-standard forms.• Do not use the words from TEXT A• Provide the standard form of the words or phrases you have used in your message.(6 marks)Sub-total for Section A: [30 marks]SECTION BQUESTION 3Having completed this module, you should be able to explain the arbitrariness betweenspelling and pronunciation in the English Language. The following questions test yourknowledge and understanding of this aspect.Read the instruction for each question and respond accordingly.3.1 Give three examples to illustrate the arbitrariness in spelling and pronunciation inthe English language.NB: You should NOT use the words in 3.2 (3 marks)3.2 Study the following sets of words paying attention to how the consonant cluster ‘th’ ispronounce in each word.Set A = that, thumb, thrash, then, three, thy.Set B = thing, thought, them, there, thread, this.Regroup/rearrange the words into two sets of words that share the same pronunciation.Write the phonetic symbol that each set of words share.N.B. No marks will be awarded for a set that has more than two words that do not belongtogether. (6 marks)3.3 It is a proven observation that some words in the English language are usuallymispronounced by second language (L2) speakers. Study the following words and thenexplain the difficulty in pronunciation that L2 speakers encounter. In your explanationshown clearly the standard and non-standard pronunciations. You are free to use thephonetic/phonemic transcriptions of the words to help you with the explanation.• Duvet• Management• Parking(6 marks)Feel free to use: https://ipa.typeit.org to find the phonetic symbols.[ 15 Marks]QUESTION 4Read the poem which has been adapted from a famous poet’s work and then answer thequestions that follow.“The Moment” Adapted from a poem by Margaret AtwoodIf you remember the moment when, after many yearsof hard work and a long voyage,you stand in the center of your room,house, half-acre, square mile, island, country,knowing at last how you got there,you say, I own this.Since this is the same moment when the trees unloosetheir soft arms from around you,After the birds take back their language,Before the cliffs fissure and collapse,the air moves back from you like a waveand you can’t breathe.No, they whisper. You own nothing.You were a visitor, time after timeclimbing the hill, planting the flag, proclaiming.We never belonged to youBecause you never found us.It was always the other way round.4.1 What type of sentence is the first sentence in this poem? Substantiate your answer.(4 marks)4.2 What type of sentence is the last sentence in this poem? Substantiate your answer.(4 marks)4.3 Read the second sentence ‘ Since….can breathe’.a) What grammatical category do the words, ‘since, after and before’ belong to?(2 marks)b) What function does EACH of these words serve in the sentence? (6 marks)4.4 To what does the ‘it’ at the beginning of the last line refer? (2 marks)4.5 ‘No, they whisper. ‘You own nothing.’ Identify the subject of each of the sentences.(2 marks)[20 Marks]
QUESTION 5Read the following extract. The underlined/bolded words, phrases and clausescontain a type of error. Name the type of error and give its correct form. Do notwrite out the whole passage. If you do, make sure that you underline the changesyou have made.The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused disruptions to economic around the world. Itis no surprise that the South African economy have not been spared. While the mostdevastating effects of the disease have been the number of infections (over 38 millionworldwide) and number of deaths (over one million), its economic consequences cannotbe understated.In South Africa, the impact on many businesses has been catastrophic. The hospitalitysector has feel the brunt of the disease. Bookings were being cancelled and the existenceof hotels pubs and restaurants was under threat. As a natural consequence, businessesturned to their insurers for assisting.[15 marks]
2 marks for identification + 1 mark for correctionTotal for Section B: [50 marks]SECTION CQUESTION 6Moving from the Margins: Towards an Inclusive Urban Representation of Older People inZimbabwe’s Policy Discourseby Busisiwe Chikomborero Ncube Makore and Sura Al-MaiyahSchool of Science, Engineering and Environment, University of Salford, Manchester M5 4WT,UK(This article belongs to the Special Issue Ageing as a Unique Experience: InterdisciplinaryApproaches to Ageing and Later Life from Social and Humanities Perspectives)AbstractPopulation ageing has become a major global demographic shift but perhaps less noticeable inthe Global South. Zimbabwe, like many African countries, is experiencing and will continue towitness an increase in older age, hence questioning its readiness to handle such change. Ageingin Zimbabwe is currently occurring in the context of increasing poverty, political unrest,changing family structures, and weakening infrastructures. Despite this, Zimbabwe is committedto promoting change and betterment for its citizens through adherence to international agendasand national development strategies. However, the first step towards the realisation of aninclusive urban environment begins with a fair representation of the various actors and socialgroups. This review paper is aimed at examining the representation of Zimbabwe’s older people,a subject that has rarely been the focus of critical analysis, concentrating on the politicaldiscourse in urban development programmes.A sample of 45 international and national policy documents published post-2002, was carefullyselected and inspected to determine the level of presence of older people using discourseanalysis. The findings reveal that in the context of the efforts made towards a Zimbabwe that isinclusive of all citizens, the idea of older persons as subjects of rights and active participants hasyet to truly gain sufficient currency. There is a dominance of a one-dimensional perspectiveacross the majority of the publications, with older people constructed as “dependent”,“vulnerable” and “passive”, overseeing vital contributions to society. A realistic and moreempowering representation of this social group, showing them as active caregivers rather thanpassive recipients is therefore a necessity if Zimbabwe is to fulfil its vision of inclusivity.Source: © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. This article is an openaccess article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution(CC BY) license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).a) Who is the potential audience/readers for this writing? (1 mark)b) Find 2 examples from the extract to justify the audience you have identified in a).(4 marks)8c) Write a reflection of between 200 – 250 words in which you state the writer’s purpose forwriting this text, stating also what the writer’s attitude is towards older people. Support yourresponse by referring closely to words, phrases from the FIRST PARAGRAPH ONLY.(15 marks)Total for Section C: [20 marks]
[Total = 100 MARKS]

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