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CONSTITUTION ANALYSIS:OVERVIEW: This assignment will have you explore either the US Constitution or the State of Georgia Constitution and its branches of power and how it addresses your selected issue. This section of the assignment calls for a thorough review and analysis of the federal or Georgia Constitution and how it handles your issue via the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. From this, you should apply the course material related to your issue, the structure of government, its inner workings, programs, and how it contributes to American Government and Politics. More so, you should select the level of government and branch of power that BEST addresses your selected and approved policy issue.SECTION I: ANALYZE THE FEDERAL OR GEORGIA CONSTITUTION-100 pointsDIRECTIONS:1. Review the US Constitution or the State of Georgia Constitutiona. Take your approved policy issue and review it through the eyes of the US Constitution or the State of Georgia Constitution.b. Determine what section of the selected constitution best addresses your issue.c. Address the following questions in your final submission: How does the selected constitution specifically address your issue? Which level of government does the US Constitution empower to address your issue/problem? What branch of government has authority over your issue? How does the selected constitution fail to address your issue?2. Review the Branches of Powera. You will need to review and compile information on which branch of government addresses your issue and how they have addressed it thus far.b. You will need to investigate reputable sources to determine which branch of government addresses your issue and how they have addressed it thus far.c. In your research, you, at a minimum, identify the following:i. The questions from the above constitution reviewii. History and background on how the branch of government has addressed the issue.iii. What the branch(es) of government is currently doing to address your problem; include concrete examplesiv. The successes and challenges the branch of government has had in addressing the problem/issuev. A brief assessment on how well the branch of government addresses the issue, including if another branch of government would be better in addressing it3. Research Sources: You must use and properly cite at least one (1) reputable sources from at least three (3) of the five each of the following categories:a.i. Booksii. Periodicalsiii. Reputable News Media (Print, TV, Online)iv. Government reports, studies, or court casesv. Academic Journals and other published research (essay, thesis, or dissertations)vi. WIKIPEDIA WILL NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE SOURCE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.4. Write Your Report: This research report is brief and concise. It must meet the following MINIMUM criteria:a. PAGE NUMBERING: All pages, except the title page, must be numbered in numerical order.b. MARGINS: All pages must have 1-inch margins at the top, bottom, left, and right.c. REFERENCE PAGE STYLE: A reference page must be included with the submission citing your research resources. It must adhere to the Chicago/Turabian Style or MLA, including footnotes and a reference page.5. QUANTITY: You must submit no less than three (3) pages minimum and a maximum of five (5) pages, typewritten 1.5 spacing maximum, fitting the above-referenced criteria.6. SUBMISSION: All work must be submitted via iCollege by the prescribed due date. NO EXCEPTIONS.SUBMISSION The submission must adhere to the following:a. The submission must be typewritten, 1.5-spaced one to two (1-2) pages, 11-12 point font (Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, Calibri). No excessively huge fonts will be acceptedb. Must include your name as registered with Georgia Perimeter College @ GSU7. Submit Research in iCollege-All completed essays must be received via iCollege by Anything posted in iCollege after this date will be subject to the late work acceptance and point deduction rule.

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