Neuroscience exploring the brain 3rd edition bear connors paradiso

Neuroscience exploring the brain 3rd edition bear connors paradiso


Neuroscience Exploring the Brain 3rd Edition Bear Connors Paradiso Test Bank
ISBN-10: 0781760038
ISBN-13: 9780781760034 978-0781760034
1. A simple reflex requires the nervous system to perform three functions. Two of these functions are to collect and distribute information. What is the third function? Choose the correct option.A) Disintegrate information C) Process informationB) Integrate information D) Translate informationAns: BDifficulty: Easy
2. What is resting membrane potential? Choose the correct option.A) Difference in electrical charge across the membrane at restB) Generation and conduction of action potential at restC) Positive charge inside the membrane with respect to outside at restD) Isolation of the cytosol from extracellular fluidAns: ADifficulty: Moderate
3. What is capacitance? Choose the correct option.A) Electrical potential difference C) Voltage across neuronal membraneB) Storage of electric charge D) Migration of electric chargeAns: BDifficulty: Difficult
4. Which of the following is the major charge carriers involved in the conduction of electricity in neurons? Choose the correct option.A) Anions B) Cations C) Ions D) Ionic bondsAns: CDifficulty: Easy
5. How do the lipids of the neuronal membrane contribute to the neuronal membrane potential? Choose the correct option.A) Encourages chemical interactions with waterB) Catalyzes chemical reactionsC) Integrates cytosol of neuron with extracellular fluidD) Forms a barrier to water-soluble ions and waterAns: DDifficulty: Moderate
6. Which force other than the ionic concentration gradient determines the equilibrium potential for an ion? Choose the correct option.A) Selective ionic permeability C) Electrical resistanceB) Sodium potassium pump D) Electrical conductanceAns: ADifficulty: Easy
7. How do action potentials differ from passively conducted electrical signals? Choose the correct option.A) Action potentials diminish over distance; passively conducted signals do not diminish over distanceB) Action potentials occur only in nerve cells; passively conducted signals occur only in muscle cellsC) Action potentials are transmitted over short distances; passively conducted signals are conducted over long distancesD) Action potentials are signals of fixed size and duration; passively conducted signals are not signals of fixed size and durationAns: DDifficulty: Easy
8. How does the sodium potassium pump help maintain the resting membrane potential? Choose the correct option.A) Pumps potassium in and sodium outB) Pumps sodium in and potassium outC) Exchanges a sodium and a potassium for a calciumD) Uses calcium to pump sodium and potassium against their concentration gradientsAns: ADifficulty: Easy
9. Which of the following mechanisms decrease intracellular [Ca2+]? Choose the correct option.A) The calcium pumpB) Intracellular calcium-binding proteinsC) Organelles such as mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulumD) All of the aboveAns: DDifficulty: Easy
10. What is the meaning of an ion’s equilibrium potential? Choose the correct option.A) Net movement of ions from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentrationB) Electrical potential difference that exactly balances an ionic concentration gradientC) Difference between the real membrane potential and equilibrium potential for a particular ionD) Difference in concentration between region with high ionic concentration and region with low ionic concentrationAns: BDifficulty: Moderate
11. What is the term used to describe the mechanism for the regulation of [K+]o by astrocytes? Choose the correct option.A) Depolarization C) Blood-brain barrierB) Potassium spatial buffering D) Goldman equationAns: BDifficulty: Moderate
12. Distinguish between the “head” and “tail” of phospholipids. Choose the correct option.A) The phospholipids have a nonpolar “head” and polar “tail.”B) The phospholipids “head” contains hydrophilic phosphate and “tail” contains a hydrophobic hydrocarbon.C) The phospholipid “head” is hydrophobic and the hydrocarbon “tail” is hydrophilic.D) The phospholipid “heads” face each other and “tails” face the watery extracellular and intracellular environments.Ans: BDifficulty: Easy
13. In which condition do astrocytes take up extracellular K+? Choose the correct option.A) Rise in extracellular potassium concentrationsB) Fall in extracellular potassium concentrationsC) Potassium equilibrium potentialD) All of the aboveAns: ADifficulty: Difficult
14. Which of the following factors determines the ion selectivity of specific ion channels? Choose the correct option.A) Number of protein molecules assembling to form a poreB) Number of ion channels in the membraneC) Nature of the R groups lining the ion channelD) Gating propertiesAns: CDifficulty: Easy
15. Two types of cells have excitable membranes, neurons and muscle cells.Ans: TrueDifficulty: Easy
16. Protein shape influences protein function.Ans: TrueDifficulty: Easy
17. Peptide bonds are a single chain of amino acids.Ans: FalseDifficulty: Easy
18. The differences between amino acids result from the differences in the size and nature of the R groups.Ans: TrueDifficulty: Easy
19. The subunits of different potassium channels have common structural features that bestow selectivity for K+ ions. ______________ is one such structural feature.Ans: Pore loopDifficulty: Easy
20. All amino acids have a central _________ atom.Ans: Alpha carbonDifficulty: Easy

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