Discussion 1 For this worksheet task, you will identify a gap in social psychology research

Discussion 1

For this worksheet task, you will identify a gap in social psychology research and begin to develop a basic research question to address the identified gap.

First, review the literature from the five articles in your chosen track (three that were provided for you and two that you chose on your own). Using the Research Gap Worksheet as a guide that is attach below and identify a gap in the research from your articles. Based on that research gap, develop a question to address the gap.

In respond to students post below describe how you would react if you had been placed in that situation.

Tedra post

An example of conformity in today’s society would be fashion. In the ’90s and early ’00s, baggy jeans were in style for males. Skinny jeans were feminine and most males would not wear these. Today, baggy jeans are considered old school, and skinny jeans with tons of holes are what the kids want. My oldest daughter, 17-years old, use to think Crocs were ugly. Suddenly, all her friends have a pair and guess who wants one? My daughter! My 15-year-old son wants a goon face mask because some rapper wore one in his video and now all his friends have one. He also wants dreads in his hair because it’s the style even though he says they look gross. My kids rarely use their own judgments when it comes to fashion. They only want what everyone else is wearing, from head to toe. If one of their friends says they have or want, they join the bandwagon and start asking.

Linda post

I have to tell  you I am a person that really likes the conformity and obedience and I try to do things the right way and I want to comply to rules when I see authority so this is interesting to see the different reactions of people.  One of the most extreme conformity and obedience examples that I can think of is of the “Holocaust”.  I  know no one likes to think about this but this historical event is something that puzzles me. We know that many of the Germans had to go along with the majority of the others but how did they let this situation ge so out of control?  I guess it was people conforming to the rule of their government.  This historic event had a negative outcome that lead to tragic deaths of millions.  We can see other examples of genocide in history like that between the Sunni and Shia or between the Hutu and Tutsi in Africa.  The conformity is of groups when they closely resembles each other although there are small differences in cultures that causes conflicts and their obedience to their groups that want them to be the better group.

For the next two student post Adam and Mayra be constructive and professional in your responses. Replies must be at least 75 words.

Adam post

Both schools and businesses are brand focused, setting standards helps to further the brand of the institution. Additionally, using standards helps ensure the consumers of the written reports know how to read the reports in an efficient manor because they are used to the document structure.  Standards also enable the creation of templates which should improve the efficiency of creating the written reports. In large organizations the standards are likely tied into the overall brand campaign that would go well beyond written reports to things like advertising, color schemes, logos, hold music and messages, etc. Having strict standards is necessary for large organizations otherwise it would be difficult to communicate efficiently and effectively. Some would argue that strict standards have a negative impact on creativity and can lead canned messaging. I think it is very important in large organizations to have strong standards in place, however it is also important to have exception processes incase an exception is warranted. There have been many times in my career where the standard just would not work, an example is when collaborating with another company and your standards conflict.  Lastly it is also very important to review your standards on a regular basis, the world is moving at a very fast pace and what may have been a good standard last year may not be effective now.  As an example, if your internal meeting documents were primarily presented in face to face meetings last year, and do to Covid-19 your teams are working remotely, your standard may need to change.

Mayra post

I have to be honest before attending college I had no idea that there was a requirement for written reports. I know understand that the reason they do this is to catch and see if there is any plagiarism withing the assignment. It also makes it much easier for the professors that are grading the assignment , they use once scoring scale instead of various depending on what style is submitted. I know that APA format is the most common one that is requested to be turned in as an assignment and to me this format is much easier to read as it doesn’t look all crammed up when it is written out. I honestly can not think of any disadvantages that there might be of requesting that all reports conform a certain style. This way it is easier to track all that is written and also easier for the school or job to keep track of when grading or going over the assignment that was submitted. I believe this is an advantage to everyone.

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