Features that Microsoft Excel make such an important and popular tool for business professionals


Hector post

Features that Microsoft Excel make such an important and popular tool for business professionals is that it has a variety of templates that one can work with. One of the templates offered in Microsoft Excel is Money in Excel. What Money in Excel can do for you is organize, keep track of, and give a visual representation of where your money is going. The great thing about it is that it is currently only available in the United States. Microsoft Excel offers a variety of templates that fit almost any need one would have. If someone doesn’t know how to use it training can be provided or you can contact The Help Center on the Microsoft Office help page. At my job my current supervisor uses Microsoft Excel everyday. He uses spreadsheets he manually creates on Microsoft Excel to tracks vehicle maintenance that is performed needs to be performed or parts ordered. My supervisor doesn’t use any templates provided for by Microsoft Excel which I think is a poor use of the program’s features. Or he doesn’t know that Microsoft Excel has those template features.

Mayra post


Currently in my job we use Microsoft Excel for a number of things. We use it the most to build spreadsheets when conducting call monitoring for our employees and scoring the calls. We are able to use a special formula that gives you the grade or percentage that the employee received based on the grading schedule we put into the spread sheet. I find it super easy as all we have to enter is a one or a zero and then the formula of the spread sheet does the rest for us. We also use it to to build spreadsheets to store member data like for example which member is active with the insurance and which is not along with the termination date, we then are able to give a roll up information to our boss each month at the meetings.

Other departments in my current company also use to pull member information into the spread sheet that includes name and address of the member to be able to send the spread sheet to our printing company and then they can mail out any letter that is requested on the spread sheet that they received.

Byron post

The cash flow statement that I looked at was from the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York during their 235 Annual Communication. This event serves as the opportunity for leadership to share any organizational news with the body in attendance as well as to vote on any new legislation, elect officers for the next year, get the most updates membership statistics, and be made aware of an overview of the financial health of the organization over the past year. As a non-profit organization, it is imperative that this information be above board and that all of the membership understand where the dollars are coming from, where they go, and how any investments are doing. I pulled this from their 2015 archives (https://nymasons.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2016-Officers-etc-Booklet-Blue-Cover.pdf) Page 17 is where the cash flow statement is. It shows the balance in cash at the beginning of the year, some of the totals for expenses throughout the year, as well as an ending cash balance for the period. With an overall increase in cash of $367,910, it would be safe to say that they had a successful year.

Jerimone post

The cash flow statement that I located for a company of my choice was the statement for L Brands for years 2013, 2014, and 2015. L Brands is the name of the company that Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works. Cash flow statements show money coming into a company, as well as money that goes out. A cash flow statement does not show just “cash”, but money brought into the company as income, monetary proceeds, and expenses. A cash flow statement will additionally show investments. A cash flow statement can show the difference in cash and what we would consider cash equivalents like Accounts Receivable from period to period. Using a cash flow statement can be give a summary or roll up of all the things a company has done. For example in 2013 , L Brands almost doubled in cash and equivalent from the beginning of the year to the end of the year (773 million to over 1500), but in 2014 L Brands only increased from 1519 million to 1681 million dollars. One would think that the company and its’ business slowed a lot. An investor may even think twice about whether or not to put money into L Brands. A further review of the cash flow statement would find that while the net increase in cash on the cash flow statement was quite a bit smaller, in 2014 L Brands paid more deferred taxes and had more asset in the form of inventory. A cash flow statement is more than just a beginning number and an ending number. Also, a cash flow statement would not tell someone the exact number of different transactions, but give some insight into the amount of business dealings going on with a company

In response to Safiyyah and Michael posts, provide substantive feedback in the form of suggestions and advice that address their specific questions/problems. Additionally, you are encouraged to provide constructive feedback on anything else that you note may help improve their paper. The best responses will be those that address the specific concerns in a meaningful way. Avoid superficial feedback that does not address some potential for improvement.

Safiyyah Ghouse post

Here is a portion of my rough draft:

[The two works I have chosen are ‘The Dying Swan’ done by Vladimir Trechikoff in 1949 and ‘The Dance of Death’ done by Micheal Wolgemut in 1493. The theme both of the paintings share is death and the portrayal of the fragility of life through dance.

The first painting is called ‘The Dying Swan’ or ‘Alicia Markova The Dying Swan’ done by a former Russian Native painter named Vladimir Trechikoff in 1949 and completed in 1951. The medium of the painting is oil on canvas and the dimensions are 92 cm x 72 cm. The painting was inspired by the prima ballerina name Alicia Markova after her performance of a dying swan in ‘Swan Lake’; Trechikoff was so moved by the performance that he decided to ask Markova to pose for him and she agreed. The ballerina and the swan were painted together as one being. The second work of art I have chosen is titled ‘The Dance of Death’ also known as ‘The Danse Macabre’ done by Micheal Wolgemut in 1493. It originated from illustrated sermon texts; the earliest recorded visual scheme was a now-lost mural at Holy Innocents’ Cemetery in Paris dating from 1424 to 1425. It can be found in the Nuremberg Chronicle of Hartmann Schedel. The dance of death was painted during the medieval times and it serves as a memento mori to remind people that positions and wealth don’t matter and that everyone’s life is fragile be they the pope, laborer, king, child or emperor – each represented by a dancing skeleton.

The two works I have chosen are ‘The Dying Swan’ done by Vladimir Trechikoff in 1949 and ‘The Dance of Death’ done by Micheal Wolgemut in 1493. Both the paintings come from very different time periods but they both represent the fragility of life in the form of dancing. The theme both of the paintings share is death and portrayal of the fragility of life through dance. ‘The Dying Swan’ portrays the delicate ballerina who played the role of a dying swan through ballet and ‘The Danse Macabre’ show various classes of dead people in the medieval ages dancing their way to the graves looking the same (all of them are skeletons and in the end their wealth or position doesn’t matter).]

I have chosen two pieces of art from completely different eras and would greatly appreciate feedback on the theme that relates the two which I believe to be death and the portrayal of the fragility of life through dance. Given that both of them were created due to different inspirations, both still hold values and messages that can still be related to in the present because death and passion are topics and incidents we all are aware of and they are common topics in any era. I would also like feedback on the structure of the draft and the clarity of the messages – theme, locations of paintings, and inspiration behind the painting.

Michael post


Something that cannot be ignored over time is the way humans self-idolize and portray themselves. Whether it be modern day comparison to social media beauty standards or historically trying to dress a certain way to gain validity. This is why I decided to analyze two paintings that bring up this topic from two different time periods in order to show how some things really don’t change over time.

The first piece is from the Naïve period by the famous Frida Kahlo and is titled The Two Fridas. It was painted in 1939, its dimensions are 5’8” x 5’8”, it is an oil paint medium, and is currently kept in the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City. The second work of art is from the modern contemporary art period called Tinder Project and was done by Jiyeon Kim. It was completed in 2017, its dimensions are 50 x 50 cm, it is acrylic on canvas, and its place of residency is unknown as of now. The main argument that both these paintings bring up are the way humans perceive themselves and how other perceive them. The Two Fridas does a great job of showing the duality in a woman, almost this double vision that Frida has of herself and how she is incomplete due to societal pressures including society, love, and beauty. On the other hand, Tinder Project shows a modern take on the same concept by showing us how people will portray themselves differently on a dating site or social media in general, just to try and establish meaningful human connections or simply just for sexual pleasure. The best point to bring up would be said best by Jiyeon Kim himself, he states “How do we portray ourselves in order to not get swiped away by in competitive environments?” (Kim, 2017)

In terms of feedback I would really just like help with this introduction part. I want to try to sound more precise and not so much ramble. Also I will take any other critiques you guys have and will be very appreciated. Thank you!

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