Compare and Contrast of Report Types

Complete a comparison and contrast chart about informative and persuasive report types and explain when to use each type.


This assessment will help you practice business and technical writing skills in your academic and professional areas and in your chosen career. You will compare and contrast the informative and persuasive report types, explain when these reports are used, and provide supporting examples. As you complete this first assessment, you will explore informative and persuasive forms of writing and learn foundational concepts of research, which you will apply throughout the rest of the assessments in this course. 


Review the Writing Center’s Q: What Is the Difference Between Informative and Persuasive Writing?


For this assessment, write a report that addresses the points below. Use the Comparison and Contrast of Report Types Template [DOCX] to complete this assessment. Support your writing with research from the Capella library or credible online resources.

  • Step 1: Compare and contrast informative and persuasive reports.
    • Provide details and examples to show the similarities and differences between the two report types.
  • Step 2: Explain the purpose, audience, tone, formatting, and style of informative and persuasive reports.
    • Provide examples of when to use an informative report and when to use a persuasive report.

Additional Requirements

Save your report in an accessible format and submit it. Your assessment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • References: Any references used should be clearly cited and credited. In the template, there is a section for you to add your references. You may use current APA formatting and style.
  • Length: No other information is required on this page.

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and scoring guide criteria:

  • Competency 2: Define the appropriate audience and purpose for specific deliverables.
    • Compare and contrast informative and persuasive reports.
    • Explain the purpose, audience, tone, formatting, and style of informative and persuasive reports.
  • Competency 5: Produce text with minimal grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanical errors.
    • Write in a well-organized and concise manner that adheres to the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics.




Think about what you are being asked to write. Identify the purpose and maintain focus.

Informative writing – you are the reporter remaining unbiased, objective, and only presenting facts.

  • Give information
  • Explain an issue or topic
  • Provide straightforward facts with a balanced explanation of the topic

Informative paper outline:

  • Introduction: present the topic and main ideas
  • Body: as many body paragraphs as necessary to present facts and information
  • Conclusion: summarize main points from the body

Persuasive writing – your goal is to persuade the reader to agree with your opinion.

  • Often a combination of facts (informative) and personal point of view (persuasive)
  • Focus on benefits of your point of view
  • Use strong, comparable facts for both sides; never stretch facts to strengthen your argument

Persuasive paper outline:

  • Introduction: present the topic and your claim/point of view
  • Body: as many body paragraphs as necessary to support your claim/point of view
  • Conclusion: summarize main points from the body

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