a 1-page infographic using Piktochart or Canva with a minimum of six details addressing the following:

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Community Health Issues – Custom Nursing Help

[ad_1] Go to the following website by clicking on the provided link, , and select a county and a state (this may be the county/state in which you reside, attend school, or plan to live and work). After reviewing the website and the health outcomes in the County Health Rankings for the area, answer the […]

health policy development excerise – Nursing Paper Desk

[ad_1] Topic: health policy development excerise Description: [?] Preferred language style: English (U.S.) Students are asked to complete a health policy development exercise, which includes two options. A. Write a letter to your Congressperson regarding a health policy issue of interest to you/your community/the midwifery profession. OR B. Develop a brief testimony before a Congressional committee/community […]