Program Evaluation Proposal


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Program of Choice is Stewart Marchman behavioral center

Assignment 1: Program Evaluation Proposal

For the Program Evaluation Proposal, the student is required to submit a document that includes the framework the student could use to evaluate a specific program or project. The paper requires each student to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of program evaluation designs and methods, as presented in the readings and class discussion.

Students are reminded that the paper is not a group activity, but is considered an individual assignment and must clearly not use plagiarism. (See Academic Honesty section, below). Scholarly sources should be used. Thus the use of Wikipedia and the assigned texts as sources of information are prohibited.

Assignment 1 asks for each student to submit a program evaluation plan which could serve as a guide for the design and analysis of an existing program or project. Assignment 1 will be submitted in sections.

Each student is also required to integrate knowledge gained during class discussion and from reading the textbook. The proposal must explicitly integrate concepts, theories, and/or approaches described in the textbook.

This proposal must be double spaced, use the Times [New] Roman font, with a font size of 11 or 12, and be written in APA format. Each page should use a 1 inch margin all around (i.e., on the left, right, top, and bottom of the page.) Pages should be numbered.

Course Required Texts and Materials:

Fitzpatrick, J., Sanders, J., & Worthen, B. (2010). Program evaluation: Alternative approaches and practical guidelines (4th ed.). Boston: Pearson. (ISBN-10:0205579353 or ISBN-13:978-


Section 1. Purpose, goals and objectives of program that will be evaluated.

Please address the following questions. You can use the following bullets as subheadings for your paper.

What is the title, location, mission, goals, and objectives of the program/project?

What is the structure and context of the program/project?

Who are the program’s stakeholders?

Section 1 should be a minimum of 3 double spaced pages. (Note: The cover page and work cited page do not count towards the minimum paper length requirement).

Section 2. Evaluation plan and implementation (50 points). Section 2 should be a minimum of 7 double spaced pages. (Note: The cover page and work cited page do not count towards the minimum paper length requirement).

Please address the following questions in Section 2. Use subheadings of your paper. What would be the purpose of the proposed evaluation?

Why would the program or project be evaluated? (include a component about needs assessment)

What would the student want to accomplish with the evaluation?
How does the student propose evaluating/assessing the program/project?

What are the proposed evaluation questions? (Note: Every variable in the evaluation questions must be operationalized.)

Would the proposed evaluation utilize a formative and/or summative approach? What evaluation model would be used?
Would the student serve as an external or internal evaluator of the project/program? What methods would be used to answer each evaluation question?

What measures would be used?
What data would be collected? How would these data be collected? What resources would be needed? (i.e., budget, staff, timeline)

Section 3. Plan for reporting results of program evaluation (5 points). Please address the following questions in Section 3. 2 PAGES

What are the proposed reporting procedures?

How would the report findings and recommendations be reported?