Note: Kindly respond to the discussion posts, 250words 

Note: Kindly respond to the discussion posts, 250words 

Note: Kindly respond to the discussion posts, 250words

APA format, 1-2 references.

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What factors do you see in practice that influence safe, quality, patient-centered care?

Multiple factors are driving or influencing safe, quality, and patient-centered care. They include communication, technology, shared decision-making, collaboration, and policies/regulations/laws (Mosadeghrad, 2014). For instance, technological changes are pushing the creation of new health IT systems like electronic medical records (EHRs) in clinical settings to improve the quality and safety of care.

2. Have those factors shifted or changed as your role as an RN has progressed or changed?

I strongly believe that the five factors have significantly shifted with the advancement of my role as a registered nurse (RN). For example, technology, communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making have become key factors driving my work, especially as I transition from a mere bedside nurse to a clinical nurse coordinator. I rely on these factors to supervise patient care transitions, conduct informatics analysis and design, coach patients, and manage population health. The fifth factor (policy, laws, and regulations) has also shifted as I have developed policy advocacy skills. I now understand my role in policy, especially in changing practice and professional laws, policies, and regulations to improve quality, safety, and patient-centered care.

3.Do you think the factors will continue to change?

There is no doubt that most of these factors will continue changing from time to time. For example, new technology and innovation will continue being developed, and the role of RNs will change to match the new technological requirements. New policies, regulations, and laws will also continue to be passed or amended at the federal, state, and local levels. These new policies will stipulate the new roles of RNs in upholding the quality of care and patient safety.

4.What factors do you see affecting safe, quality, patient-centered care in 10 years?

In ten years, the factors I believe can affect quality, safety, and patient-centered care are the transition of care to telehealth services, a shift in healthcare systems, the integration of IoT-enabled devices, and changes in law and policies (Zimlichman et al., 2021).


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