Exp19_Word_Ch02_ML2 – Dentist 1.1

Exp19_Word_Ch02_ML2 – Dentist 1.1

Exp19 Word Ch02 ML2  Dentist 1.1

Word Chapter 2 Mid-Level 2 – Dentistry


Project Description:

In the following project, you will use Word to prepare a letter promoting an informational session for a pediatric dentist. You will insert a picture and use text and paragraph formatting to improve the appearance of the letter.


Start Word. Download   and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch02_ML2_Dentist.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename. Ensure that nonprinting characters are displayed.


Change the   capitalization of the recipient, ms.   nancy lancaster, and her address to Capitalize Each Word, and change the   capitalization of the state abbreviation to UPPERCASE. Also capitalize her   first name in the salutation. Change the name Dr. Lockwood on the last line of the letter to Mia   Grant. Type   mgrant3087@mymail.net on a new line below Mia Grant. (Do not press ENTER after   typing the email address.)


Change the alignment   of body paragraphs beginning with On   behalf and ending with seeing you   on September 11 to Justify.


Apply a right arrow   bullet to the paragraph mark under the first body paragraph. Type the   following items, pressing ENTER after each of the first three   lines. Do not press ENTER after the last item in the list.
Finding hidden toothbrushes in the dental office
Participating in the dental crossword puzzle challenge
Writing a convincing letter to the tooth fairy
Digging through the dental treasure chest


Change the paragraph   spacing of the text from the salutation Dear   Nancy through the last paragraph that ends seeing you on September 11 to 12 pt Spacing After. Remove the   paragraph mark just after the Dear   Nancy paragraph.


Change the font of Dr. Lockwood Pediatric Dentistry Office in   the first body paragraph to small caps.


Select the lines of   text beginning with Date: and   ending with Richmond, VA 23005.   Increase the left and right indents to 1.25 and change paragraph   spacing to 0 pt Spacing After. Do not deselect the text.


To the same   selection, apply a Box border, selecting a double line   (seventh in the list), with a line width of 3/4 pt.


Delete the extra tab   formatting marks to the left of the lines containing September 4, 20214:00 p.m.; and Dr. Lockwood   Pediatric Dentistry Office to align them with other text in the bordered   area.


Delete the paragraph   mark before the paragraph that begins Please   call our office.


Change the paragraph   spacing of the paragraph containing Funville,   VA 23000 to 6 pt Spacing After. Change the paragraph spacing of the line   containing Sincerely to 6 pt   Spacing Before. Add paragraph spacing of 6 pt Spacing Before to the paragraph   beginning Dr. Lockwood is pleased to   let you know.


Change the font of   the entire document to Bookman Old Style. Change the font size of the entire   document to 12 pt.


With the insertion   point at the beginning of the document, insert an Online Picture using the   keyword tooth and then insert an appropriate image from the   results. Select and delete any additional text boxes that may display when   the image is inserted. To avoid file size limitations, compress the online   picture once it is inserted.

Position the picture in the top-right corner of the document, just below the   header area. Change the wrapping style to Square. Change the height to 1.1”.   Apply a picture style of Beveled Oval, Black and choose the Chalk Sketch   Artistic Effect.


At the end of the   document, insert a Next Page section break. In Section 2, change the   orientation to Landscape, the paragraph spacing to 6 pt Spacing After, and   the font size to 14.


In Section 2, center   the first paragraph. Type Wellington Water Park & Slide Fun Day! Press ENTER and type September   11, 2021.   Press ENTER and change the alignment to Left. Change the font size to 12.


Set a left tab stop   at 2” and a right tab stop at 7”. The right tab stop should include a dot   leader. Type the following text, with the first column at the 2” tab stop and   the next column at the 7” tab stop.
Check-in 9:00
Wave pool 9:30-11:00
Lunch at the pavilion 11:00-12:00
Bungee 12:00-2:00
Water slide 2:00-3:00
Parent pickup at the gate 3:00-3:30


Format the text Wellington Water Park & Slide Fun Day!   on page 2 as a WordArt with the style Gradient Fill: Purple, Accent color 4;   Outline: Purple, Accent 4 (second row, third column). Change the wrapping   style to Top and Bottom, and the font size of the WordArt object to 24. Drag   to center the object horizontally on the first line.


No material for   public distribution should contain errors. You check for and correct any   spelling and grammar mistakes because it speaks to professionalism and   influences how patients perceive Dr. Lockwood and his staff in the dentist’s   office. Ignore the suggestions for Funville   and include, and any other   suggestions on your computer.


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch02_ML2_Dentist.docx. Exit   Word. Submit the file as directed.

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