Self Image Evaluation Paper II

Self Image Evaluation Paper II


This is a self-image speech, and we will be presenting these in Week Five.  For this assignment, you will write a 1-page paper (at least 250 words).  As you are writing your paper, think about the things we’ve learned so far in this class.   Also, be sure to use APA-style formatting for your papers.


Writing Prompts


  1. Does the speaker use transitions?  What did he use?
  2. How was his introduction?  Was it effective?
  3. Was his conclusion powerful?
  4. How is his delivery?  Does he have good eye contact with the audience?
  5. Is his speech well organized?  Does he have a connection with the audience?
  6. You learned a lot about delivery this week.  What did you think about his delivery?
  7. Pay attention to how he could edit this speech to keep it within the 2-4 minute time limit.  Please give me a suggestion on how he could edit. What was the best thing about this speech?
  8. What definitely needed some work?
  9. Give examples to demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts we’ve studied.  If you were the professor of the class, what grade would you give him and why?

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