PURPOSE: The purpose of this discussion is to review and analyze a case study regarding marketing ethics.

Discussion 1: Ethics Case Study

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PURPOSE: The purpose of this discussion is to review and analyze a case study regarding marketing ethics. Your goals are to 1) critique and summarize your analysis and 2) describe the ethical framework you applied utilizing your textbook concepts as a reference.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: This assignment aligns with the course LO #4: Students will be able to discuss and critique the impact of ethical factors and global considerations in marketing decision-making.


  • The course textbook to apply related concepts into your summary
  • USM APA tutorial (Links to an external site.) and USM Writing Center – You will need to write and cite your analysis in APA format.
  • Purdue OWL APA (Links to an external site.) resource
  • Grammarly to improve your quality of writing

TASKS: Being a part of an ethically responsible firm should be important to every employee, but it is particularly important to marketers because they interact most directly with customers and suppliers, which offers a multitude of ethical questions and opportunities. The American Marketing Association has a published Code of Ethics, and many companies today have their own ethics policy manuals or guidelines. Ideally, ethics should also be integrated into all three stages of marketing strategy: planning, implementation, and control.

  • First, read the mini case study hereActions:
  • Second, after reading the case study:
    • Prepare a minimum of a 250-word analysis in your own words answering the following questions below. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your responses should be written in a professional manner using complete sentences and free from spelling/grammatical errors (5 points). In addition, your response should be evidence-based, that is, supported with APA in-text citations and references including related concepts from Chapter 3 (5 points). For example, if you are using definitions from the textbook, be sure that you are paraphrasing and citing the source appropriately. If you are using direct quotes, be sure to include page or paragraph numbers with your in-text citation. A separate title page and abstract are not needed for this assignment.
      • Define the ethical issue(s). Define 2-3 issues. (5 points)
      • Who are the primary stakeholders? Identify as many stakeholders as possible. (5 points)
      • What are two obvious possible alternatives? Is there a third option? Identify 2-3 alternative actions. (5 points)
      • How could you evaluate the ethical implications of all the alternative actions you identified using BOTH the decision rules below? (5 points)
        1. Use the Defense Test (Could I defend my choice before an ethics committee, my colleagues, my peers, my parents, etc.?)
        2. And the Golden Rule Test (Would I like to be on the receiving end of this action and all its potential consequences?)
      • Which final action(s) would you recommend AND why? Explain/justify your decision. (5 points)
  • Third, once you complete and submit your analysis, respond to at least two classmates’ responses whether you agree or disagree with their analysis AND explain why. (4 points)

As a reminder, you are strongly encouraged to upload your summary to Grammarly to assess your quality of writing before submission.

  • You should score at least an 85 on Grammarly for your assignment.
  • Refer to the syllabus regarding Tips on Using Grammarly. Make changes as necessary. Use common sense.
  • Poorly written assignments will always receive less to zero points.

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