Benefits Brochure To Prepare For The Employee Who Will Be Occupying The Role, Create An Employee Benefits Brochure/Booklet That You Would Present To New Employees During Their Initial Orientation. Include In This Brochure/Booklet Mandatory And Discret


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Benefits Brochure

To prepare for the employee who will be occupying the role, create an employee benefits brochure/booklet that you would present to new employees during their initial orientation.

Include in this brochure/booklet mandatory and discretionary benefits that are used in your industry.

The brochure should be 6-8 pages with a professional appearance and should be modeled after a professional booklet from your company, a former company, or a company you would like to work for.

Hint: Research various Microsoft brochure templates to create a professional booklet.

NOTE: One of the positions the benefits brochure should be the most applicative to is the job in your description from Week 3 (Senior Human Resource (HR) manager). Find creative ways to incorporate your work from that assignment into this one