Top 6 Points To Consider When Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training Program




What to Look for When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program It is certainly not a simple process more on yoga certification online here.

There are so many yoga studios!

There are so many factors to consider.

Here are some of the most important things to consider, as well as some helpful TIPS, when choosing your #YogaMatch.

1- What you want to achieve

This is the foundation. It determines everything!!

– Do you want to work as a teacher? Or maybe you want to improve your technique and meet new people who share your interests?

– Would you like to learn how to align your body correctly? Or are you more interested in learning more about Yoga Philosophy?

– Are you going through a healing process and want to learn how to use some of the fantastic tools that Yoga has to offer? Or maybe you’re searching for a fun way to build confidence, like in Acroyoga?

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Tips→ Spend some time meditating and writing down your motives and justifications. Then, when evaluating the features of each Yoga center, these will serve as your compass.

2- Geographical location

Are you looking for a course that allows you to sleep in your bed? Or are you itching to leave your comfort zone?

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Destinations

Choosing mystic places like India, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Bali may add incredible value to the trip.

Even if you cannot travel far, visiting a nearby town may significantly assist you in disconnecting from your regular mental habits and becoming more receptive to receive and learn.

When making your decision, keep in mind that the location’s energy may have a significant impact on the quality of the encounter.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Destinations Cities Cities, and busy areas may provide you with more possibilities to meet new people and have fresh experiences.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Beach On the other side, more relaxed environments such as beaches or mountains lead to a more soothing experience, allowing you to concentrate better on your studies.

2- The Time of Year

Check ahead of time to see what the best place is for the time you have available OR the best time to visit the destination of your dreams.

Rishikesh, for example, is practically deserted in July since the temperature may reach 45 degrees Celsius/77 degrees Fahrenheit!!

During the lovely season in India, most schools relocate to Goa (November to March). Then, when the monsoon approaches the south, they all flee to Rishikesh or Dharamshala, in the cool north.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Tips→ High seasons are usually favored because of the weather and the most extensive selection. In contrast, low seasons may be preferable if you want fewer crowds and reduced rates.

4- Learning Methodology & Program

Read the school’s program carefully to ensure that all of the things you’re searching for are addressed.

The approach employed has a significant effect as well. It influences how much of the course you can enjoy and assimilate, as well as your chances of having a truly transformational experience.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Tips→ . For example, if you want to become a Yoga Teacher, seek courses that include teaching practice from the first week (if not the first day wink)!!

5- Educators

Teachers are the heart and soul of each course. heart

Teachers frequently determine whether a course is a waste of money and effort OR one of the most delicate decisions you’ve ever made.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Teachers

How can you tell whether a teacher is good? First, examine their background and, in particular, see if you resonate with the ideas and visions about Yoga that they express on their website and social media.

It’s also a good idea to check out former students,’ and coworkers’ Facebook or accounts for genuine references.

6- Set a budget

Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Courses are not inexpensive, mainly if they include lodging and meals.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Budget If you’re on a tight budget, India could be a good choice. TTCs with everything included may be found for as little as $1000. When combined with some low-cost aircraft tickets, this can be the lowest choice while also providing an incredible life-changing experience in this lovely nation.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Budget Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Budget If you want to stay somewhere more comfortable and in a lovely location, you may do so for an average of $1500 (**sharing a room with another participant).

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Budget Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Budget Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Budget With costs between $2800 and $4000, you may visit Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica, and other tropical destinations. However, courses in these locations typically do not include lodging or meals, so be aware that your budget may increase.


Please remember that teachers are incredible professionals who have put in a lot of time and money to get the information and expertise they will share with you. Moreover, most of the funds end up in the pockets of the venues that hold the courses.

Quality, like everything else in life, typically takes a lot of effort and money. When you pay a meager price, something has been sacrificed, and the quality may suffer as a result.

Choose Yoga Teacher Training Course Tips→ I believe it is preferable to save more money and enroll in a better course for something as unique and essential as a transformational experience.

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