Urinary Physiology Assignment

Urinary Physiology Assignment

Assignment Directions

 Include the following: 

1. Choose one diuretic and provide a description regarding how it works on the nephron. Include the part of the nephron that is affected as well as the mechanism of action (ie., what does it do to the nephron to affect fluid volume?).

2. Choose a urinary system disease and describe how your chosen disease affects either the structure, function or both of the kidney.  

Grading Rubric: 

Post must be at least 250 words (not including references). 

Post must be written entirely in your own words. 

Includes at least 1 diuretic. 

Includes a description of how the diuretic works. 

Includes specific information regarding how the diuretic affects the nephron. 

Includes side effects of the diuretic. 

Includes a urinary system disease. 

Includes specific information about how the disease affects the structure or function of the urinary system. 

Includes APA citations.  

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