nutrition and parenting

nutrition and parenting

Nutrition and Parenting

You can touch on one or both topics…

Nutrition: Clearly, there are some things we are not doing so awesomely in our nation, as well as the world, when it comes to nutrition intake.  This obviously starts when a child is young, even as early as Early Childhood and beyond all the way until we are in our Late Adulthood.  

Please share as to what we can do better in specifics, rather than (saying “we need to eat healthier”).  What are some achievable goals for us as a nation to really tackle this problem of diabetes, obesity, eating disorders, cardiovascular diseases, etc.?

Sugar Intake is a huge pet peeve of mine, as to how the nutritional labeling system tricks the consumers as to how much sugar is in each food item by having “per serving” data, yet there are 2.5 servings, etc.  

Parenting: To spank or not to spank? That is the question. What are your thoughts about corporal punishment and explain why? Remember that there are many views on this matter. Respect and professionalism should be exercised even if we are not in agreement.


Let’s talk!  More importantly, let’s fix things on our familial level, educational level, and community level as well as moving it forward on a national level of awareness.  

Please keep it short and concise, so that everyone can read it, digest it, and participate.  About 250 words or less should do.  Perhaps one of us will have a perspective you had not considered before, concerning your degree plan.  Remember that discussions involves more than one person, not just your point of view.

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