Lab: Identify Weak Acid Using Titration Curve




The lab report must include; Introduction, Hypothesis (if available), Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion. THIS IS THE LAB needs to be written in essay format 



  • Acid-base reactions are double-displacement reactions characterized by the formation of an ionic salt and water.
  • A titration is a method of determining the properties of an unknown solution by monitoring the quantity of a solution of known concentration necessary to react with it.
  • The solution with the known concentration in a titration is called the titrant. The solution being studied is called the analyte.
  • A solution with a precisely known concentration is referred to as a standard solution.
  • A titration curve is a plot of pH versus volume of titrant added.
  • The equivalence point in a titration is the point when the amount of titrant added is just enough to react completely with the analyte solution.
  • At the half-equivalence point of a weak acid-strong base titration, the pH of the solution equals the pKa of the weak acid.


  • In this simulation, you will learn about titration curves and weak acids.
  • You will perform a titration where the analyte is a weak monoprotic acid and the titrant is a strong base.
  • You will create a titration curve.
  • You will use the titration curve to make a tentative identification of the weak acid from its pKa value.
  • You will be analyzing one of the following acids:
Weak Acid pKa
Chloroacetic acid 2.85
Hydrofluoric acid 3.15
Formic acid 3.77
Benzoic acid 4.19
Acetic acid 4.74


In this lab simulation, your grade will be based on the following:

  • Answering each question correctly
  • Correctly following the outlined steps of the procedure
  • Making precise and accurate measurements for your Lab Data
  • Calculating precise and accurate values for your Lab Data
  • Reporting your measured and calculated values with the correct number of significant figures

Before you begin

  • The reaction that occurs between an unknown weak monoprotic acid and sodium hydroxide is:


  • where HA represents the unknown weak monoprotic acid.
  • The titration curve is generated by measuring the pH after incremental additions of base to the acid. A buret is used to precisely measure the amount of base added.
  • Titration of all weak acids with a strong base produces a modified S-curve. The actual shape of the curve depends on the specific acid being titrated and its pKa value.
  • The key features of a titration curve are the half-equivalence point and equivalence point.
Titration curve with pH on the y-axis and volume of NaOH on the x-axis.  The half-equivalence point and equivalence point are labeled.

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