Medical assistant certification

Medical assistant certification


You’re the lead medical assistant at a busy internal medicine office. The office manager informs you she has received numerous patient complaints. Patients are confused with the medical education they’re receiving from the medical assistants, which is leading to extreme frustration. The office manager informs you that a majority of the complaints are coming from patients who speak English as a second language. You decide to conduct an in-service for medical assistants to address this issue.


Develop a handout for the in-service training. The handout should include tips on how to overcome language barriers when providing patient education. Use the template found at the end of this document to create your in-service handout. The template requires you to provide the following information:

  • Header
  • Introduction
  • Five main topics on effective communication techniques for patients with language barriers
  • An explanation of why each communication technique is beneficial and an example on how each technique will improve patient and staff communication
  • Closing statement
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