course overview

course overview

Assignment- For this assignment I want you to really think about 10 major lessons learned in Government 2306. In order to complete this assignment, you need to put together a power point or prezi presentation that allows you to showcase what you really learned in this class. Your presentation should teach us what you learned in the class overall. (It should be informative and well rounded and cover the materials presented over the semester.)

As you know, you never put all of your words on the slides, so you will need to fill in your words on the notes section of the slide (or a word document with your notes).

2.Submit your final paper here :). 

Each student is to write major one writing assignment. Each student will also complete a presentation over that writing assignment. For this paper, you are going to choose a topic based on what you believe to be the most important/pressing issue facing Texas today. In essence, you are going to do a research paper on what you believe is the most important problem facing Texas today. This can be anything from our education system, our political process, the lack of resources for our underserved populations just to name a few issues.  Your final paper should follow the following guidelines:

This paper should have a title page, be typed, double-spaced with normal margins (1 inch margins on all sides) and 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman). Papers will be graded on the following standards:       

-Use of language and writing;

-Organization of paper and format of essay;

-Spelling, grammar, and punctuation;

-Consistency and use of logic;

-Use of literature;

-Originality of research.

-Coverage of the topic based on your thesis/hypothesis statements. 

The text portion of the papers should be exactly 6-7 pages in length. This does not include your separate title and references pages. Please remember to cite sources for statements of fact or any statement not attributable to you, wherever necessary.  APA is the accepted citation and formatting method.[the topic you need to write on is ways public education can be improved]

3.Submit your final paper here- remember that you must include notes in the notes section as you never include all of what you say on your slides. Your presentation should be at least 3-5 minutes in length so please keep that in mind as you are doing your presentation. 

You may do a powerpoint or prezi presentation. NO OTHER type of presentation is allowed. 


Final Presentation Assignment

Your presentation should be a powerpoint or prezi which will cover your final paper topic. This presentation should present the arguments posed in the paper and display evidence to support them. The presentations should be at most 4 minutes in length. You are allowed to add arguments and facts not found in your paper to your presentation. You will need to include what you would say in your notes section (as you never put all that you would say on your slides). Failure to use your notes section (or a separate word document if you do prezi) will result in an automatic loss of 20 points. No presentation will be accepted without an accompanying final paper.

The presentations will be graded based on the following standards for evaluation:

-Reasoning, analysis, logic;

-Innovative, effective arguments;

-Organization/Refutation of opposition arguments;

-Overall persuasiveness;

-Assertions supported and documented.

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