Participate in advocacy action based on your chosen policies and legislation and related child and adolescent topic.

  • Examples of possible advocacy actions include:
    • Engage in a community event or activity.
    • Perform outreach (for example, speaking about your chosen child or adolescent issue to interested parties in your community).
    • Meet with your local school board and present your concerns.
    • Attend a meeting in your community about your chosen issue or topic.
    • Contact a representative in your area about getting involved in local efforts on your topic.
    • Submit a letter or email to your local, state, or federal representative about the child or adolescent issue you selected.

For this assignment, you will need to submit a 3–4 page paper that includes at least three recent scholarly references that answer the following questions.

  • Describe your goals or what you hope to accomplish by your advocacy action.
  • Describe completed or planned actions.
  • Describe any follow-up plans.
  • Evaluate the possible effectiveness of the chosen advocacy actions.


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