Hist 1301 cortez

Hist 1301 cortez

Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico (45:20)Links to an external site.


Hernan Cortez: Conqueror of the AztecsLinks to an external site. – LiveScience.com

Hernan Cortez biographyLinks to an external site. – Biography.com

Aztec capital falls to Cortes Links to an external site.– History.com

Francisco Pizarro traps Incan emperor Atahualpa – History.comLinks to an external site.

Pizarro executes last Inca emperorLinks to an external site. – History.com

Read and learn about Cortez and the Aztecs and Pizarro and the Inca. Both had some advantages and circumstances that helped them conquer Native people. Write a short account of the conquering of the Aztecs by Cortez including who, what, when, where and why it happened. Be sure to explain why it was so easy for Cortez and his men to conquer the mighty Aztec Empire. There are at least ten reasons. Be sure to discuss at least half of those. Please explain each of your examples. This is a college level assignment and I do expect college level writing. There should be an introduction, content and conclusion. Write as if your reader knows nothing about the topic.

No Grammatical or Spelling Errors

Do NOT copy and paste. Write in your own words. No quotes, no paraphrasing.

Double Space

300 word minimum

I recommend that you read your papers aloud during proofreading. 

There are a couple ways to spell Cortes’ name so be sure that whichever spelling you use that it is the same spelling throughout your paper. 

2. Most of you have learned about the original inhabitants of the Americas in previous schooling. Please use this forum to discuss what you have learned about these people and their societies as well as where you learned about them and your thoughts on the information you learned. In a separate paragraph, another item to mention is the name used to refer to these people. What is your preferred term and why? Terms to consider (and research if you do not know their usage) include Native Americans, Indians, Native American Indians, Indigenous People. Please read my example post as a guide.

You should write one original post and at least 2 reply postings. ADD YOUR WORD COUNT AT THE END OF EACH POST. Your original post should be approximately 1-2 pages long. (Minimum 200 words) Please read my post and use it as a guide for your initial post. Reply posts to other students should be approximately one paragraph (minimum 50 words)



I first learned about Native Americans/American Indians/Indians/Indigenous People/First Nations when I was in elementary school. I was probably in third or fourth grade when we learned that Columbus discovered America and there were people living here already. In middle school, I began to wonder how someone could “discover” something if there were already people here. I remember learning about the Aztecs, Incas and Mayan societies. Specifically, I remember learning that they had trade, farming techniques, roads and travel routes to trade goods with other tribes and even irrigation for their crops. I continued my studies of Indigenous societies when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Houston. As I have taken more classes and attended seminars and lectures, I am shocked to learn that although we have learned so much more about precolonial and colonial times, the same things I was taught many years ago are still being taught today. I have considered the terms listed and have my thoughts on what these people should be called. I will not be listing my opinion here as I want my students to come up with their own opinions. Please take time to look up the terms listed and think about them and think about your response and justify your term of choice.

213 words

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